Monday, September 1, 2008

Fare Thee Well Summer of 2008

Doesn't our Anna have beautiful eyes? I think Aunt Esther took this picture.

I met with a new student and his mother last week. The student's mom studied my face so intently that I finally had to ask her if I had dirt on my nose or some other embarrassing issue. She laughed, apologized and complimented my blue eyes. Apparently she found them quite intriguing. She asked if any of my offspring share my eye color and I had to laugh and inform her that despite the bright blueness of my eyes, those genes are no match for the dominance of the S Family brown eyes. All of our kids have those big S Family brown eyes.

I guess I have always felt a bit disappointed that I don't and probably won't have a child who shares my blue eyes. But honestly, when I look into these striking big brown eyes, I now have to ask myself, "How on EARTH can you be disappointed with those??"

Despite the lousy state of my long term memory, closed head injury and all, I have to say that I honestly do not remember bidding farewell to a summer with quite as much fondness as I have for the summer of 2008.

It has been a lovely few months. Perhaps it's because I actually took the whole summer off? I don't know exactly why I feel a difference this year but I do.

Not that I don't love the fall. Autumn is, in fact, my favorite time of year. I am a sucker for leaves changing color, pumpkin flavored ANYTHING, crisp mornings and evenings, evening walks to the local coffee shop through crackling leaves, the start of school for both myself and the kids; the list goes on and on.

Why did I start this post?

Ah yes. The S Family celebrated the unofficial end of summer with a small family BBQ. Anna was delightfully overdressed for the occasion. She wore the darling dress you see above only once for a wedding and it seemed a shame not to wear it at least twice before she outgrows it.

Isaac and his bugs.

Each and every one of these containers holds a creepy crawly that Isaac or Nathan has caught, housed and lovingly cared for.

While on a Labor Day hike this past weekend I added to the collection by single-handedly catching a three inch praying mantis.

Just so we are clear, I fully expect each and every one of you to repeat this story to the local authorities should my parenting aptitude ever be called into question. You might also mention the baby mouse and the baby bird.

I don't think I'm what you might call squeamish, but I have to admit I was not at all excited about trying to keep hold of that squirming, biting creature.

Isaac is thrilled and now counts the praying mantis among the crown jewels of his collection. Yes, the black widow is still in residence.

I might just rethink that Butterfly Pavilion, aka The Bug Zoo, membership. Really, WHAT is the point when I have the same thing in my family room?

Check it out! Phantom can learn!

That's about all from chez S. School has started for both myself and the boys which means that in the next week or so life will get busy pretty darn quick. I'll post some back to school pics as soon as I can.

Oh yes and all you sports fans out there should know that Anna is jazzed and ready for the start of football season as evidenced in the video below.

Love to all!


Esther said...

Yes, I took the picture, but she asked me too! "Take picture my eyes Etu!"

Arwen said...

I know exactly how you feel about the kids eye color. My grandfather had the most amazing blue eyes ever (Paul Newman would have been jealous.) My dad's were reeeeaaaly nice and mine are close to my dad's (if I do say so myself). My whole life, the one thing people have always complimented me for is my eyes, so when Emma had brown eyes I was shaken, hard. Lauren has hazel that sometimes can only be called green (the brown disappears). I love them both, their eyes are SO incredible that I can't imagine any other color on them. (But there's still that disappointment in the back of my mind that I will never be able to pass on my grandfather's beautiful, beautiful eyes (or at least what part of them I have).