Sunday, September 9, 2007

Colorado White Bean Chili

This one is terribly popular among my family and friends. VERY easy to assemble, tasty and perfect for a cold winter night. You can keep the ingredients stocked for use anytime you need a quick, easy and tasty meal.

3-4 cooked chicken breasts, boneless and skinless (Use more if you need the soup to go further. Cook them however you want, bake or boil or simmer on stove top. I usually start with frozen because I suck at defrosting. I use large frying pan w/ an inch or two of water, add some onion flakes, garlic powder, salt and pepper.)Shred or chop after they are fully cooked.

2 cans navy beans (Enterprising people can cook them from scratch.)

A cup or two of chopped jalapeno peppers (add these to taste after you have some experience with the soup and the strength of flavor you like. Canned peppers are fine or, if you live in close proximity to fresh roasted peppers like I do, roasted peppers are good too.)

2 large cans chicken broth

Onion flakes (I usually add enough to completely coat the top of the liquid in the soup pot.)

Mixed Italian Seasonings (Add to taste)

Salt and pepper to taste

Serve w/ shredded pepper jack cheese, sour cream and fresh French bread for dipping

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