Monday, September 3, 2007

Time Out!

We are not sure if an unknown to us transgression has prompted Anna's most recent and amusing behavior, but we have our suspicions. Anna has taken to putting herself in time out. We are very proud of Anna's ability to self regulate and we NEVER take advantage of her willingness to sit in time out by telling her to go to time out for no particular reason as a way to entertain guests. Never. Ever.

I have come to the conclusion that Jesse and I, in some sort of cosmic and genetic mix up, lack the gene responsible for a rather necessary life skill. Jesse and I most definitely lack whatever gene a person needs in order to have the ability to return purchased but unwanted items.

As I type this, we have a so called universal computer cord that we bought for my computer that was in fact not so universal, a shirt I bought at Macy's for Jesse that did not fit, and a new phone system that we purchased from Best Buy but decided we did not need, all sitting on our kitchen counter waiting to be returned. The days keep ticking by, bringing us closer and closer to that inevitable hour when the , "you can return it within this many days of purchase" grace period will elapse leaving us stuck with both the unneeded items and the cost of those items.

Is it just us? Does anyone else lack this particular gene? How much would you charge us to do the leg work and return all of this stuff?

Many of you know that Jesse and I purchased a rather large item for Nathan's birthday, changed out minds about it and let it sit in the garage until the grace period lapsed and we ended up stuck with it. We got lucky that time, I managed to sell that item on Craig's List for only $50 less than we paid for it. I don't think we will be that fortunate this time around.

Typing this SHOULD motivate me to return these items, but let's face facts, it's just not gonna happen! Anyone need a universal computer cord? A men's shirt? A phone system? Maybe I can save them and use them as birthday/Christmas presents....


Mary said...

Okay, that is hilarious. We all know Anna is UP TO SOMETHING...

I showed Sam that picture, and he immediately said "Anna in timeout. Timeout all done!"

Anonymous said...

25% of the profits..... (pointing finger while giving you "the look")


Cherith said...

If you are serious, my dear sister, I will TOTALLY take you up on that!!

Mary, I still have Sammy's b-day present. I am awful, I know. You can disown me.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, I would be willing to help had I not caught your dang cold. Arghhhh. And I have to be at work until 8:00 tonight. :(

buzz2of11 said...

Just write down the important info (type of item, condition & cost or value) and them donate it! I do sometimes not make the return during the "grace period" either.
I too have that faulty gene to a degree!