Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thanks Mary!

You may recall this post, during which I explained how my genetics justify the fact that I never return anything before the "you can return it for so many days" grace period expires. Please prepare yourself for another genetic justification.

Incidentally, we did return the shirt well before the deadline. We decided to keep the phone and it had absolutely nothing to do with being too lazy to return it. No really. Tonight we got really motivated and decided to return the so called universal power cord only to discover that we had, yet again, waited too long and the 30 days to return it grace period had lapsed. Jesse decided to try anyway, I am not sure what sob story he used, but they actually let him return it.

What was my point?

Oh yes, another genetic justification.

I also lack a thank you note writing gene. I swear I have no intention of being rude or appearing ungrateful. I am in fact VERY thankful for each and every one of my dear family and friends and everything they have done for us. But when it comes to actually writing, addressing, stamping and mailing thank you notes, there appears to be some sort of synaptic gap between my brain and the digits that should actually carry out such functions.

My apologies dear friends and family. Particularly with Isaac's 6th birthday approaching, I will add "Write and mail thank you notes within 1 week of the deed for which you are thankful" to my list of personal goals. In case you are wondering, some of the other goals on that list include:

Go to bed by 11 pm.
Get up at 7 am and work out.
Make sure children bathe semi-daily.
Do not work on weekends or evenings.
Smile at husband and address him by name at least once a day.
Finish crocheting winter blanket for Jesse (started in July).
Get laundry caught up and keep it that way.
Make dinner every night.
Take a shower every day.

The list just goes and on and on.

Why are we talking about this?

Oh yes, Mary sent Anna and the boys a wonderful package. They just love the little treats she included.

While I am seriously lacking in thank you note writing DNA, I am clearly in possession of some powerful blogging genetics. I figure a person should use their God given gifts to the best of their ability, so Mary, please accept the thank you video below and our sincere appreciation for the thoughtful gifts.

Esther told me that you were a bit sad because you will come back in Oct and find Anna talking, having left when she was just starting to utter meaningful verbiage. I taped a little blurb of Anna wearing her new pyjamas while demonstrating her new favorite word, one that she utters without fail anytime a camera appears in front of her.


Mary said...

You're welcome! Sam also screams "Happy!" every time he sees a camera.

When did your children grow up? We've only been gone a couple of months!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Those pajamas are WAY too big for her. ;)

buzz2of11 said...

I am sure that Mary will agree that the blogging is much better than an actual Thank You card! Actually, you can get the boys started doing their own! They are about the right age! The boys are so cute showing off the new bubble toys! Anna is so cute saying Happy!