Saturday, September 22, 2007

A hypothetical: Would you go?

You are at a birthday party and your cute little girl with blond hair is, for reasons unknown to you, fallen head over heels in puppy love with by a cute little boy whose hair is really messy and in need of some serious attention by a pair of sharp scissors.

This little boy and your little girl spend the whole party together and the blossoming friendship of 5 year olds, though brief, appears to be mutual and sincere on both sides.

The little boy then runs to his parents, pleads anxiously with them about something, appears to receive permission and then runs up to you. He pleadingly and with the biggest brown puppy dog eyes you have ever seen asks if your daughter, whose name he does not actually know...they have only been in puppy love for about 45 minutes and actual names don't seem to matter much under such circumstances, can come to his birthday party which is taking place 2 weeks from this particular day.

His parents then come over to talk to you, wanting to reassure you that neither they not their pleading son are completely insane. They seem friendly, outgoing, a tad embarrassed by their pleading son but overall clearly think he is adorable and would be more than happy to welcome you and your daughter, whose name none of them know, to their home for their son's birthday party. They tell their son that they will send his new, nameless friend an invitation but that she might not be able to come since it is so soon and maybe she already has plans that day. The little boy's enthusiasm is in no way dampened by this gentle warning and he races off to tell your daughter, his nameless new love interest, that she is officially invited to his birthday party.

Would you go?

(Totally hypothetical. Never actually happened. Really.)

A video


Esther said...

Hey-your Neo Earth map blocks a lot of your writing! Cute video. Isaac is such a sweetie!

Cherith said...

Um....not on my computer. Your computer is weird. Anyone else have this problem?

Cherith said...

Is that better?

Mary said...

It happens on my computer too--but I use Firefox as my browser, and I don't have the problem when I use Explorer.

Isaac is adorable! Get ready for him to break some hearts...

Buzz2of11 said...

To answer the question posed, I would probably take my daughter to the party & stay there during the party. I have a friend with 3 girls (6,4,1) & a friend with 3 boys (6,4,1) & the friends are very close friends of each other. The 6 year olds are very, very close & the boy is very protective of his girlfriend. We have talked together & he mentioned marriage. They seriously love each other a lot! They are each other's best friend. So...this is somewhat the reason I say yes.

Davis Family said...

I hate to inform you, but your daughter is now a full-fledged todder--there is not an ounce of baby left in her.

she's a cutie!