Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Aunt Esther will be so Proud

This morning after dressing my little sunshine in one of her oh-so-darling outfits, she sat on her changing table, pointed in the direction of her shoe collection and said, "Shu! Shu!"

"Very good Anna! Those are your shoes! Let's go and see your big brothers now."

I put her down on the floor expecting her to toddle excitedly out of the room the way she usually does in the morning. She loves to find her big brothers and give them the standard Anna good morning. This involves raising both hands over her head, pointing at her brothers and in a very gruff voice yelling, "BA! BA! BA!"

Instead she plopped down on the floor, lifted a foot in the air, looked at me expectantly, looked back at her shoes, looked at me expectantly, looked back at her shoes, etc.

I got the idea and picked out a pair of shoes.

With shoes now in their proper location, she happily toddled out of the room to find her big brothers.


Lest you think this blog was created only as a location for me to discuss the oh-so-cute doings and sayings of my little sunshine, allow me to regale you with this darling tale of Isaac's thoughts on creationism.

Jesse decided to tell the boys the story of Adam and Eve. At the end of the story, Isaac asked Jesse what happened to the snake. While Jesse stumbled around for a toddler appropriate response, Isaac asked, "Did they just call animal control to take the snake away?"

Love to all!

PS Nathan is cute and says cute things too. ;)


Esther said...

That's my girl!!

Jesse--You know what happened to the snake! You forbid us to save it and it was run over repeatedly...

James West said...

Adorable Anna (and Isaac and Nathan!) Sam's been running around the house saying "Want to go airplane--see Isaac and Nathan!"


buzz2of11 said...

Cherith: I read your post on the Cherry Blossom Baby blog. Christi and I are good friends and go to the same church. The comment about the snake just cracks me up. Too bad we cannot call animal control to get the real snake off our back!
I will be praying the God will grant you the desires of your heart!