Sunday, June 22, 2008

2 Years

Monday is the 2 year anniversary of Jesse's open heart surgery to repair his tricuspid valve.

This evening we had a lovely BBQ with family, did some laundry, gave the boys hair cuts, did the dishes, played cards, watched reruns of a favorite sitcom, and will soon curl up and fall asleep with the knowledge that tomorrow morning we will wake up, go to work, play with our kids, Jesse will go to rehearsal, the boys have a baseball game...a normal, average, what some might consider boring day and life.

And we could not possibly ask for anything more.

Life is good.

Love to all.

PS In this photo Anna is 9 weeks old and Jesse is a few days out of surgery.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Jesse has finally received his long awaited Wii. I refused to buy one of the over priced bundles that force you to purchase games you might not really want, so I have been holding out to purchase the basic package without a huge mark up. With a little help from Mary in TN, Jesse is now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii. It really is fun, and I am not usually much for video games. As you can see from the pictures, the kids LOVE it. Even Anna begs to play.

I hope all the father's out there had a great father's day!

An Isaac funny: During his baseball game on Saturday he discovered that his beloved cap had gone missing while they queued up at bat. Outraged, he marched out of the lineup, located Jesse and I and stated with utter disdain (when you read this, add the most outraged tone you possibly can), "That's a bit odd! My hat is gone!"

Mary: At precisely 9:45 pm Sunday evening, as I was rocking Anna to sleep, she popped her eyes open, looked directly at me and stated firmly, "Sammy make noise! He go home now!" FYI: There was no noise being made in our house...what was Sammy doing at 9:45 pm?

Love to all!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

There is no possible way I could ever express or explain what kind of a father Jesse is nor how much he means to this family, so I am not even going to try. Truly, there are times when attempting to apply words to thoughts or emotion serves only to inflict artificial limits on how we really feel. So this time I am keeping it simple.

We love you honey!

Happy Father's Day!

PS If you are planning to attend Jesse's gig on the 24th MAKE A RESERVATION. It is going to be PACKED. Make sure you are there by 7 pm or they will give your table away.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day

Really, it has not been all that bad of a day. I am just at the tail end of a wicked, rear kicking, virus and am still feeling rather weak, sleepy and pathetic.

But today I determined that I would, nay MUST, rally myself to the tasks of laundry, carpet cleaning, etc. I despise the feeling that a herd of antelope reside in my home as opposed to a family of somewhat civilized humans.

I was doing an EXCELLENT job of reclaiming my tidy abode when lunch time rolled around. I expertly prepared the kids a lovely lunch of ravioli and raspberries (no really, they LOVE it) when Nathan requested chocolate soy milk. And how he knew it was soy milk I have NO idea. We never told them we were making the switch, we just did it.

Feeling satisfied with my domestic accomplishments of the day thus far and secure in my ability to complete a task as simple as serving milk to my offspring, I secured the chocolate soy milk and gave it a vigorous shaking to ensure the proper mixture for my children's' waiting palates.

It was about 3 seconds later, whilst standing in a sticky brown puddle, dripping wet and watching sticky brown ooze dribble down my walls, drip from my ceiling and otherwise completely cover my recently cleaned kitchen that I discovered a new life lesson.

And since I love you all SO very much, I have decided that it is only right that I share this particular lesson with you.

Little Life Lessons from the S House: Before shaking a carton of chocolate soy milk, make sure to double check that there is actually a cap ON the chocolate soy milk and thus you will avoid great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I have revised my list of goals for the day and now believe that a nap is very much in order. After all, I AM recovering from an illness.

Love to all!

Monday, June 9, 2008

S Brothers on Theology and Meteorology

It has been a while since our last observation of the S brothers thoughts on theology. The discussion below touches on a little meteorology as well; My boys certainly have a well rounded liberal arts education in the works.

Isaac: NOTHING can ever kill God Nathan.

Nathan: There is one thing that can kill God Isaac. A TORNADO can kill God.

Isaac (exasperated): Nathan, God MAKES tornadoes and nothing He makes is going to kill Him.

Nathan (more insistently): TORNADOES CAN kill God Isaac!

Isaac: God only got killed once but he rolled that big rock out of the way and was alive anyway. Mr. Bill told you about it, remember?

(Mr. Bill is Nathan's Sunday School teacher.)

Nathan: Oh yeah! And then he threw the rock and it got stuck in the tornado!

I am not entirely sure where Nathan's obsession with tornadoes has come from. True there have been tornadoes aplenty around the country and even more true, his room looks as if it has been ravaged by one, but even so he seems unusually interested in them lately.

Love to all!

Monday, June 2, 2008


After arriving home from work and hopping directly into another car in order to travel to the boys' Little League game, Jesse asked me what I did today.

"Nothing." I replied.

Puzzled, he tilted his head to the side and said, "Nothing?"

"Well, I did make breakfast, did 2 loads of dishes, washed, dried and put away no fewer than 4 loads of laundry, took all three kids to the post office and waited in a 20 minute line, took them out to lunch, to the fountain, home again for a story and rest time, watered all of my plants in the back yard, straightened up the kitchen, disposed of two nasty spiders, packed the car for the t-ball game, arranged for our nanny to watch 2 additional kids on Wed in order to help out a friend, broke and cleaned up a large Pyrex pie plate, swept all of the hard wood in the house, cleaned up numerous toy messes, assembled various snacks, refereed numerous disagreements, delivered several articulate speeches on manners, empathy and personal responsibility, cleaned the pomegranate colored popsicle that melted all over Anna off Anna, soaked the now pomegranate stained clothing in stain remover, cleaned the pomegranate stains out of the carpet on each stair leading to our second floor because Nathan felt it necessary to march the pomegranate popsicle stained Anna up the stairs in order to demonstrate what a mess she had made despite the strict "popsicles and popsicle related messes are to remain outside" house rule and made three beds. I guess when I said nothing I meant that I didn't do any actual income related work. So you know, nothing."

There you have my typical daily nothing. What's yours?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Opening Day

I must ask your forgiveness before you read a single word of this post. We have enrolled our boys in Little League and while I positively refuse to go down the typical stage parent path, I have been rendered a gushing, teary eyed, slobbering, could not possibly be any more proud mom of two utterly darling pint size ball players.

Seriously, do they not look absolutely ADORABLE in their uniforms?

We are VERY proud of the way our boys have taken to team sports. They are working hard, have GREAT attitudes and are having TONS of fun.

15 games plus practices throughout the summer plus their swimming lessons....

I have the eerie feeling this is the start of a new phase in my life and I am having odd dreams about taxis.


Anyhoo, pics below. Nathan is suited up as catcher in the first pic. It's tough to get good shots when they are constantly in motion but I will keep trying. Isaac is number 13 and Nathan is number 5.

Love to all!