Sunday, June 1, 2008

Opening Day

I must ask your forgiveness before you read a single word of this post. We have enrolled our boys in Little League and while I positively refuse to go down the typical stage parent path, I have been rendered a gushing, teary eyed, slobbering, could not possibly be any more proud mom of two utterly darling pint size ball players.

Seriously, do they not look absolutely ADORABLE in their uniforms?

We are VERY proud of the way our boys have taken to team sports. They are working hard, have GREAT attitudes and are having TONS of fun.

15 games plus practices throughout the summer plus their swimming lessons....

I have the eerie feeling this is the start of a new phase in my life and I am having odd dreams about taxis.


Anyhoo, pics below. Nathan is suited up as catcher in the first pic. It's tough to get good shots when they are constantly in motion but I will keep trying. Isaac is number 13 and Nathan is number 5.

Love to all!


Mary said...

Okay--now I want to cry, they look so cute! I wish I could be there to go see a game or two!

I also think it's awesome that they get to play on the same team.

Cherith said...

We will tape one, burn it to a CD and send it to you Mary. :)