Sunday, June 15, 2008


Jesse has finally received his long awaited Wii. I refused to buy one of the over priced bundles that force you to purchase games you might not really want, so I have been holding out to purchase the basic package without a huge mark up. With a little help from Mary in TN, Jesse is now the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii. It really is fun, and I am not usually much for video games. As you can see from the pictures, the kids LOVE it. Even Anna begs to play.

I hope all the father's out there had a great father's day!

An Isaac funny: During his baseball game on Saturday he discovered that his beloved cap had gone missing while they queued up at bat. Outraged, he marched out of the lineup, located Jesse and I and stated with utter disdain (when you read this, add the most outraged tone you possibly can), "That's a bit odd! My hat is gone!"

Mary: At precisely 9:45 pm Sunday evening, as I was rocking Anna to sleep, she popped her eyes open, looked directly at me and stated firmly, "Sammy make noise! He go home now!" FYI: There was no noise being made in our house...what was Sammy doing at 9:45 pm?

Love to all!

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Mary said...

Ummm...that wouldhave been 1045pm Nashville time, and Sam SHOULD have been asleep. Then again, his door was closed, so maybe he was out getting up to mischief.

Yay for Jesse liking the Wii! Welcome to the crack pipe! :)