Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pirates 3

Date night last night, LOTS of fun! Many thanks to the fab babysitters who braved our bunch.

We loved Pirates 3, LOVED it! It very much appealed to our rather random sense of humor. I completely disagree with the critics. If you just sit back, relax and pay attention, it is not confusing.

I do, however, understand that there are those who, in the summer, don't want to pay $12 only to have to deal with some new plot line. Sorry folks.

Now, we have established both here and here that I am a nerd. I am sure that I shall further cement my status as nerd in the next few paragraphs, but alas it must be said.

Folks, I am a HUGE fan of some of the more recent, most popular trilogies and cult classics. I am talking about such enjoyable titles as Harry Potter, X-Men, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, etc. I have waited in line, shown up on opening night, the whole smash.

I have NOT however, not even once, felt the need to dress up as one of the characters in the movie. Can someone help me with this?

It was Tuesday night and pouring down rain. There were a grand total of probably 10 people in the theatre last night. 2 of them arrived dressed up as pirates.

{insert baffled look of confusion}

As I mentioned, I am a HUGE fan of these movies. I love them. I look forward to their release. I hire baby sitters at exorbitant cost so that I can attend. But dressing as one of the characters? Can someone help me with this?

If you want to paint your face to support the team, by all means do so. If you want to wear team colors, go for it! The team can see that you are there, they are aware of all the colors in the audience.

I so do not want to burst the bubble of anyone who may be reading this, but I feel it is my duty to inform anyone who may be contemplating dressing up to see one of these movies...the actors on the screen do not know you are there! They will remain blissfully unaware of your flamboyant show of support. They don't care, they don't know.

It's ok, there there, don't cry. Here, have a tissue, do you feel a bit better now? {gentle hug}

If some one out there would like to explain this phenomenon to me, I am all ears (eyes).

To (closely, I hope) quote Jack Sparrow, I'm done with this weirdness.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Backyard Campout

The men in my life are in the process of celebrating a very significant milestone in a young boy's life. We pitched a tent in the backyard, lit a fire, purchased a bunch of marshmallows and additional junk food and voila! The boys' very first backyard camp out. We consider this rehearsal for an upcoming REAL camp out, one that will take place in the actual mountains. A few minutes ago they ran an extension cord into the tent so that they can watch "Night at the Museum" on Jesse's laptop. We will have to warm them up to the striking lack of electricity they will experience in the real outdoors.

They are having an absolute blast and are so hopped up on sugar that they probably won't go to sleep until noon tomorrow. If you happen to be one of the fabulous souls planning to babysit for us tomorrow night, God help you and thanks! ;)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Afternoon Bliss

Question: What is the best way to kill off a lazy Friday before a holiday weekend?
Answer: Grab some cash and go treasure hunting!

Isaac has been begging for a Buzz Lightyear. From Toy Story? Everyone with me? He found one yesterday, selling for an amount that I was not really in the mood to spend. My kids, as you well know, have a LOT of toys. We discussed it and decided that if Isaac wanted to spend the money that he has in his wallet he could spend it on Buzz and mommy and daddy would make up the rest. This is a very big deal for him because he has previously refused to spend that money. It is pretty cute. Isaac values the actual cash. He tells me that he does not want to spend it because, " is special, so and so gave me those dollars." Isn't he darling?

We came home yesterday and unfortunately, we cannot find his wallet anywhere. I suspect that it is buried in his room somewhere, in which case we will probably find it sometime in the year 2098.

Anyhoo, this morning we were bored and in need of something to do, so we grabbed some cash and headed out to see what the garage sale set might have to offer us. Garage sales are not normally my idea of fun, but the boys are really excited about them lately, I have no idea why. The boys are ONLY interested in stopping if a large amount of primary colored plastic is visible from the street. It being the Friday before Memorial Day, there was not a lot out there that interested my boys.

Not wanting to disappoint them, I swallowed hard and suggested that we visit a large store that is kind of like an indoor garage sale. Yes I AM referring to a thrift store. I am generally pretty lukewarm about the whole thrift store thing. I am not too proud to buy or use previously owned items, provided they are in good condition, I just do not like having to search through a bunch of junk until I find something that I actually want. I frequently try to talk myself out of this aversion. Every time a friend or family member tells me about what an awesome deal they found on such and such great item, I, being ultimately quite thrifty and up for a great deal anytime, start feeling envious and tell myself to get over it and join the, "Look at this great deal I found!" party. It pretty much never works. I walk into the nearest thrift store or drive by a garage sale, get hives, feel queasy and give up. Pathetic aren't I?

Where was I? Oh yes, we went to a thrift store instead of finding a garage sale. The boys each had $5 that they could spend on anything they wanted, as long as mommy deemed it in good condition AND as long as they did not already own that item. We arrived at the toy aisle and were immediately drawn to a large action figure of Zurg, Buzz Lightyear's arch enemy from Toy Story. This is the original Zurg that was released when Toy Story 2 came out. SCORE! Very excited, we plunked Zurg in our basket. We then spied a full size Woody, also from Toy Story, also the original released toy from when they movie first came out. SCORE 2! Very pleased with these finds, we poked around a bit more and were just getting ready to head out when an employee rounded the corner with a handful of toys to add to the shelves. Guess what she had in her arms? Not only did she have ANOTHER original, full size Zurg (very important to have 2 of the most popular toys when you have 2 boys, 18 months apart in age. Sometimes it is just NOT worth the battle to insist that they share.), she ALSO had THE original Buzz Lightyear. I have not even been able to find this guy on e-bay for a price that I am willing to pay. He is heavy, just the shipping alone is absurd.

I tried very hard to restrain myself from attacking her. Instead I asked pleasantly if those toys were ready for sale. Upon receiving an affirmative, I informed her that she need not place Zurg and Buzz on the shelf as we would be HAPPY to give them a good home.

Each of these items sold for $1.99.

Yes, I AM quite pleased with myself, in case you are wondering. This Buzz is much better than the knock off Buzz that they are selling now, the one Isaac has been begging for, and Zurg is a fabulous amount of fun. My boys are quite happy, Anna is napping and we are all settled in for a lazy Friday afternoon. Oh yes, we also found the castle you see there for $3. The boys LOVE to play castle/dungeon/knights/kings/dragons and the castles that they currently have do not accommodate all of their action figures. Again I say, SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:)) Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ghetto Blocks

Two days of continuous downpour have forced us to get a bit creative in the way we entertain ourselves. Behold the S family tribute to recycling. We call it, "Mount S." Creative, aren't we?

Fortunately the sun is shining today and the boys have been playing outside since the moment they woke up.

In case you are wondering, I am now squirting a liquid antihistamine directly into my eyes. I attended a work function yesterday, numerous co-workers were forced to seek refuge from the horror of having to look me directly in the eye. A vendor actually swatted my hand while ordering me to stop touching my eyes. I know it is awful people, I am doing the best I can, really.

Nathan's eye has turned some fascinating shades of purple. Perhaps tomorrow I shall amuse you by posting side by side pics of our gruesome eyeballs.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Believe it or not, with the exception of open heart surgery, c-sections and NICU stays, the S family has escaped the last 5.5 years without a single stitch sewn into any of us. Pretty darn impressive, in my opinion, when you consider that we are parenting 2 VERY active little boys.

Impressive, that is, until today.

While busily digging for worms in the backyard, Isaac attempted to throw a shovel full of dirt over his shoulder and instead succeeded in gashing open Nathan's head, just above his left eye. It only took 3 stitches to sew up and Nathan was quite the little trooper. He was perfectly still and did not flinch once while the ER doctor fixed him up. He happily chirped, "Thank you!" when they were finished and gracefully accepted his orange popsicle and 3 huge stickers. The ER folks thought he was adorable, we completely agree. ;)

I have to admit, despite the fact that my little boy was bleeding and a bit upset, it bordered on pure joy to visit the ER for such an everyday event. Don't get me wrong, I am not at all glad that Nathan got hurt, I am just glad that we came home happy and whole and without worry or concern for any one's future health. It is a lovely feeling.

I snapped a few pictures with my camera phone because Nathan wanted to see that he looked like a pirate with a patch over his eye and because I thought it was ADORABLE when he wanted to call Isaac and tell him that he was ok. Isaac was quite distraught over causing an injury serious enough to send his brother to the hospital. Poor baby!

On a personal note: May is almost over and I just might survive. Liz suggested that I find a mantra to get myself through the rest of the month. I have settled on, "Just let it go." Say that over and over while breathing deeply and you will be amazed at how relaxed you feel!

If you happen to see me walking down the street, please do not comment on the fact that both of my eyes are rimmed in red, chapped skin and purplish bruises. I am quite aware that I look terrible. My allergies are still completely out of control and I am tempted to try and cauterize one of my tear ducts with a branding iron. Even my mom says I need to go to the doctor now. SIGH Maybe I will have time in June....

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bon Appetit

Is it June yet? Is it? No really, is it? I have lost all track of time. Day or night, Friday, Tuesday, Sunday, it really does not matter. I AM SO TIRED. Someone give me a swift kick when June gets here and make sure that I actually sit up and pay attention.

Why did I start this entry? I am pretty sure I intended to accomplish something other than to gripe about my busy life. Oh yes, to tell you about our one day off this week.

Long ago, our playgroup swore a solemn oath that we would NEVER visit the zoo on a Friday in late May. It has been such a rough year and such a busy Spring that we have not had much of a chance to get the kids together, so on Friday we all threw caution to the wind and met for a day at the zoo.

Ok, it was probably a mistake. We did had fun despite the huge crowds AND we only lost Nathan 3 times. That may just be a record. Have I ever told you about the time he fell head first into the sea lion enclosure and had to be rescued by Ms Wendy? No? Well that was pretty much the whole story. They now have his picture posted with a caption that reads something along the lines of, "If you see this child coming, pour rubber cement on the ground outside of every animal enclosure so that he cannot climb in." Nathan, God love him, is a complete menace at the zoo.

He capped off this particular trip by parking himself in front of me and very proudly announcing that he just ate a rolly polly olly. Yes that does mean what you fear it might mean and he had the leftover chunks in his teeth to prove it. I am not sure what possesses this lovable little boy of mine to eat the little creepy crawlies that he encounters, but he actually does this fairly frequently. Usually he eats ants. This also probably explains why we have to beg him to eat more than 2 bites of food at any given meal.

So, all you wise and experienced moms out there, what IS a mom to do? I honestly do not think that this habit will hurt him, but I would prefer that he refrain from consuming arachnids and insects unless he is A. starving or B. a contestant on Survivor.

I put together a little slide show of our day for your viewing pleasure. Overall we had a great day and I am very glad that we made the time.

Have a great weekend!

PS Is anyone else suffering their Spring allergies more intensely than usual? My eyes feel like they are on fire, my whole face itches so badly I could scratch until I hit bone and I am getting very tired of blowing my nose. I am so uncomfortable I want to swig a bottle of Benadryl and sleep for 3 days, which is generally what happens when I take Benadryl. I suppose I COULD visit my doctor and ask for some allergies med, but that seems like a LOT of effort at the moment.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For Auntie Liz and Why You Should Always Check Your Receipt BEFORE Leaving the Store

Blogged twice today, yes there were probably better things that I could have been doing. Make sure to scroll down to read my hypothetical and then tell me that I really don't need to worry.

Auntie Liz, we just cannot thank you enough for the wonderful birthday present. We finally got an electric pump to blow it up and the boys LOVE IT! Everyone should invite Auntie Liz to their kids' birthday parties! She gives out giant hamster wheels! Is there any better gift for little boys?

It DID attract a few other neighborhood kids who did not seem too keen on going back home. We gave them all an espresso and a puppy and sent them on their merry ways. Their parents certainly won't make the mistake of sending them to play at the S house again. EVIL GRIN

Now for an in depth explanation as to why you should ALWAYS check your receipt before you leave a store. Perhaps the rest of the world already knows this. Perhaps I don't do it because I always have 3 kids in tow. Whatever the case may be, consider this your public service announcement.

My sister Mary and I took all four of our kids out to lunch, shopping and to the park today. No, we are not insane, I just REALLY had to escape from my house today. I am still working on writing the post that explains why. It is very hard to accomplish without lacing it with swear words.

Anyhoo, upon studying my receipt more closely this evening, I discovered a charge for $59.99 for an item called, "table." The problem is, I did not purchase a table or anything that remotely resembles a table. I certainly did not purchase anything that cost $59.99.

Quite upset by this charge, I piled the kids in the car and raced back to the store. I approached the service desk, pleasant smile in place, and explained the situation.

Much eye rolling and looks of skepticism ensued.

I guess I do not really blame them for assuming that I was there to commit fraud, but really, what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

The checker paged someone and up walks a security guard. It took 3 different explanations before he understood that I was telling him I had been charged for something that I did not purchase. He took the receipt, said he would check on this and disappeared.

The checker told me I could wait "over there" and that the security guard would be back soon to tell me, "everything I needed to know." Okaaayyyy...sure, whatever lady, I know you think I am a thief.

The security guard returned about 15 minutes later and asked me to follow him, "because we need your help with something in the picture room." Um..what exactly is the picture room? "Please follow me, we have some questions for you."

Down several cramped and poorly lit hallways, clutching my children's hands and trying desperately to think if maybe I HAD purchased something that might have cost $59.99 and could have been called a table.

We arrived at a room with a big sign on the door. The sign said, "ASSET RECOVERY."


We walked into the room, one whole wall was covered in TV screens and there was a guy sitting there, rewinding and fast forwarding the images on one screen. I quickly realized that I was the person in those images. the store is smart enough to have cameras above each check out station so that they are constantly taping as people are checking out. A wise move! Thinking that I am totally in the clear, I relax, greet this person, and ask for a place for the boys to sit down. They indicate two wire mesh stools that have handcuffs clipped to the side. At this point Isaac breaks into a cold sweat and starts clutching my hand. Isaac KNOWS what handcuffs are for. It took a lot of reassurance before he would actually sit, I think we was convinced that we were all going to jail.

The new guy points at the screen in question, indicating an item on the checkout belt and announced that, "this is your table." I faced two very stern faces, both with looks of amused, "WE GOTCHA" plastered on and informed them that the table they were pointing at was in fact a large bucket of cat litter with a bright orange top and very clearly, a handle.

ooohhhhhhh...ooohhhhh...ohh well miss, sometimes when the warehouse sends us items they are labeled incorrectly and we take a loss because we pay the price on the bar code too and you can have the cat littler for free and we will refund you the $59.99, blah, blah, blah.


The lesson here? Always check your receipt before you leave the store!

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you.

A Hypothetical

IF you were to walk upstairs late at night and IF you were to find this scene, painstakingly created by one of your offspring, would you worry?

I don't know what you might be thinking, but it looks to me as though Daphne is in for a world of hurt. She is tied up, caged, the green goblin is riding a dinosaur and there is an apocalyptic looking skeleton on a horse! Poor Daphne, this just cannot be good.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Remember the Macaroni Jewelry?

Do you remember all the pieces of uncooked pasta jewelry that you painstakingly assembled for your mom? Do you remember anticipating her unabashed joy when you presented her with your beautiful creations? Do you remember the sparkle in her eyes when you woke her up on Mother's Day and excitedly gave her your gifts? Do you remember her wearing them out in public, proud to display your hard work?

I am thrilled, honored and humbled to report that I have now experienced the joy of the macaroni necklace from the other side of the table.

For mother's day this year, my darling boys bestowed upon me several lovingly selected gifts that I will treasure for ever. Isaac picked out a pair of brown flip flops adorned with pink hearts and Nathan presented me with 2 sets of beautiful, plastic costume jewelry.

I will forever cherish these treasures that my dear little boys insisted on purchasing for me. Those two are just the light of my life.

We spent a lovely day painting at our favorite ceramics spot, napping, had dinner at Maggianos and then came home for a rousing evening game of street hockey, during which Anna repeatedly tried to crawl into the street. A wonderful and perfect day at the S house. Pictures of our day in the slide show below.

Jesse gave me a new backpack to use with Anna. She has started crawling out of the sling when I have her on my back and I am afraid to use it with her anymore.

In case you are wondering, I still have not figured out how to use most of the functions on my new cell phone. Ah well, plenty of time in June. If I make it out of the month of May alive and sane, it will be a miracle.

Love to all, I hope all you metro area folks survived the intense weather this evening unscathed. Tomorrow I am going to wear my beautiful new shoes and jewelry to the grocery store where we will purchase lots of fun pasta that we can assemble into priceless artifacts to bestow upon our loved ones. I now firmly believe that you have not lived until you have worn a pasta necklace out in public.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I love Mother's Day. I love it because my darling husband spoils me rotten on this day and on most other days throughout the year. I love it because it has special meaning to me and it reminds me of how very blessed I am.

I love Mother's Day because it reminds me of what an absolute privilege it is to BE a mother. I am so grateful that these three beautiful souls choose or were chosen to be mothered by me. I am grateful that I have been entrusted with such an amazing gift. I will continue learning and growing and trying to be the best mother I can.

Isaac, Nathan and Anna, I love you more than words can say!

I love Mother's Day because there are so many souls out there who, while they may or may not have children, were clearly born to mother the people on this earth. This day is set aside especially in recognition of those wonderful people.

I love Mother's Day because I dearly love my own mother and because it gives me the chance to tell her what a wonderful person she is and what a wonderful job she did raising me, despite the fact that I was less than thrilled with some of her mothering at the time. I can only hope that my kids will also grow up to appreciate the things that I have done and will do for them, but that they resented me for at the time. I love you mom! Thanks for everything!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and moms to be out there!

Friday, May 11, 2007


Despite a full cycle in the washing machine, a few days of drying out was apparently all my Ipod needed, IT WORKS!!!!!


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wicked Baby Steps

The only possible thing that could have made up for the loss of my Ipod was opening night box seats to Wicked. See how very easy I am to please? And people call me high maintenance! (I don't know who, but I am sure someone, somewhere has said that about me.)

Wouldn't you know it? The man came through for me AGAIN!

Fabulous show, worth every fraction of every cent. I want to see it again.

Thank you honey!!!!!!

If you get the chance, GO!

5 minutes before we left for the show, Anna took 2 steps all by herself. You may all picture my upper lip trembling and very pathetic tears staining my cheeks. Our baby girl is growing WAY too fast.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Kingdom for Cool Under Ware

Recall if you will, a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon from years past.

Calvin is searching desperately through his drawers.

"Mom, I can't find my happy hippo under ware!"

"Calvin, they are in the laundry. Wear some of the plain ones."

Calvin, clutching his forehead in frustration, storms off muttering, "I hate it when I can't gird my loins in funny animals."

While this rendition is likely not exact, I guarantee it is pretty darn close to the actual cartoon. I cannot remember the specific name of the character he was searching for, but you get the idea. HOW do I remember such a thing? While most older teens/young adults were busy sneaking out and trying to secure illegal alcohol, I was holed up in my room, devouring Calvin and Hobbes anthologies, drinking tea and doing homework. Yes, we have already established in
the previous post that I am a nerd so there is really no reason to revisit that topic.

We take this stroll down memory lane because our dear little Nathan lived the life of poor neglected Calvin this evening. Upon discovering that a too long delayed trip to the potty resulted in sightly wet undies and that he had no Spider Man undies available, he fell tragically to the floor, sobbing hysterically while clutching my hand, begging me to take some Spider Man undies from Isaac's drawer because, "I'm not wearing anything cool mommy!"

Poor baby. Please someone, for the love of God, contact social services before it is too late.

We do feel that we have gotten to the bottom of some of the defiant behavior we have observed in our first 2 born. They have both this evening expressed a desire for alone time with mommy and daddy. Now if that does not tug at the old heart strings I don't know what will. After Anna was asleep we granted them an extra hour of awake time and split them up for private playtime and stories.

I read a few stories to Nathan and then we discussed the possibility of a weekend trip to acquire a few "cool" clothing items that will be all his very own. In Nathan's defense and lest you think that we usually solve behavior problems with bribery, Nathan really does live in the most awful hand-me-down hell. Given that he holds little brother status in the family, many of his clothes previously belonged to Isaac. Isaac is a bit of a clothes horse. If he really likes something, he wears it until it disintegrates in a brisk evening breeze and then comes inside to start on the next item. Typically the items that he wears to disintegration are the clothes that both boys deem "cool." You can see the problem. Nathan rarely gets handed down any cool clothes, they just do not last that long.

To that end, this weekend Nathan and I will hit the pavement in search of "cool" undies, jammies and shirts. He specified several must have items, the most distressing of which is a superman shirt, "just like the one Uncle James has. It has to be a regular shirt, not a jammy shirt." Gonna need a little help with this one folks. The only superman tops I recall seeing were most decidedly PJs. After shopping we will absolutely need ice cream. I think he will have fun. Isaac is going to stay home and play castle set with daddy while Anna takes her nap. Castle set with daddy is Isaac's utopia.

Both boys were all smiles as they went to bed this evening. Amazing what 20 minutes of individual attention, with the promise of more, will do. Jesse and I talked further about this and we will make more of an effort to give them as much individual attention as possible. The S family lives are crazy busy, there is a reason why we have a clock in our dining room with "Grand Central Station" emblazoned on it. I cannot imagine a more accurate piece of decor for our home.

Behavior mystery solved? Stay tuned!

In other news, Esther has admitted that she logged onto the blog from a bunch of different computers in her school and voted for Chipotle from each one. A more appalling misuse of public property I cannot fathom and I will be forced to render a complaint with the proper authorities.

Everyone be sure to sign this petition in support of Paris Hilton. A crying shame that such a delightful and upstanding young lady should be put in jail. Oh pardon me, my eyes just rolled so far back in my head that one of them actually fell out. Must chase it across the room before the cats get to it.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Resolution....of a sort

Not the kind of resolution where two sides actually agree on anything, mind you. We are talking about more of a Matrix 3 kind of resolution, where both sides agree to end the bloody battle but neither side really gives into the other. A temporary resolution at best.

Crud, did that Matrix 3 reference just cement your impression of me as a hopeless nerd? Liz, are you shuffling through new friend cover letters and resumes as I type?

Ah well, what will be will be I suppose.

WHAT am I talking about?

Why I am talking about the Qdoba vs. Chipotle debate of COURSE! Don't you feel silly now?

For the record, I like both but I do not think they are the same thing. I love that Chipotle is moving towards organic ingredients and in general I really do just like the food. We dined there this evening, in fact, simply because I had a craving for that oh-so-Chipotlicious flavor.

Lately, however, I find my self opting for Qdoba more often, simply because their menu is more diverse. I like having options, what can I say?

So there you have it, an end to the bloody battle.

Who are our tragic heroes in this fight, you may ask? Our Neo and our Trinity? Um...I have no idea, I am not that creative. Someone else will have to work that out.

Per Jesse's suggestion, the Qdoba vs. Chipotle poll shall end and a new poll shall begin. So start thinking, which spring/summer sequel are you most anticipating ? Spider Man 3? Pirates of the Caribbean 3? Harry Potter 5? Shrek 3? Die Hard 4? I am aware that there are other movies to choose from, but these are the top pics in my mind. Vote for your favorite in the latest S Family Chronicles Poll!!

In other news, my darling little angels are driving me absolutely crazy. They are clearly all infected with a virus that causes them to not listen, to beat on each other mercilessly and to talk back constantly. I am hard at work on the cure for this illness and will let you know as soon as I have it. Thus far nothing has yielded satisfactory results.

This evening found me so incredibly distraught with their behavior that I attempted self medication with leftover Easter candy. I would have quite enjoyed myself, but for the fact that my chocoholic 12 month old daughter snubbed the organic, freeze dried apples and strawberries I offered and insisted that SHE be allowed to feast on leftover Easter chocolate. I ask you, what child in their right mind would turn down organic, freeze dried apples and strawberries in favor of chocolate??? CLEARLY she is not well.

While we are on the topic of Anna's behavior, can someone please explain when/why she turned from a cooing, contented, when-all-my-basic-needs-are-met-life-is-golden infant into a fit throwing pre-toddler? I tell you people, this girl can pitch a fit with the best of them. I am not talking about fits because she is hungry and I cannot get her a snack right at that moment. I am talking about, mom I want your cell phone and by God I want it RIGHT NOW! fits. When, tell me when and why, tell me WHY did she make this change? I love her to pieces, really I do, but this new stage is a bit trying.

I suppose that is all the complaining I can and should do this evening. Stay tuned for video of our loony cats and shameless solicitation. You are excited now, I know you are. You can't fool me.

Friday, May 4, 2007

The Divine Mr. S and the Home Alarm System from Hell

Believe it or not, these two topics ARE related. My brother in law has a t-shirt on which you will find a graph relating the presence of pirates in the Caribbean to the number of Twinkies produced in Boston, or some such thing. This post is not like that at ALL. Very funny t-shirt, by the way. Probably my favorite in the collection.

But I digress....

I must, in the least irritating way possible, speak a few words regarding my dear husband. A very dear group of online friends long ago dubbed him "The Prince" and a more apt nickname I cannot fathom. He has received numerous requests to write a book on the subject of how to make your wife happy. I am still nagging him about this ladies, really I am.

The prince, realizing how much I dislike being home alone when he is out of town, arranged for the installation of a home security system this week. What a fabulous idea!! Fabulous, that is, until it became apparent that we had been graced with a shiny new installation person who had no idea what he was doing. A person who cut his hand and held it bleeding profusely over the dishes in my sink while I cleaned, dried and bandaged it. A person who neglected to include an Internet filter and messed up our phone line to the point that I could not work, receive phone calls or otherwise do 95% of what I normally do during a typical day. Very aggravating. And he took 3.5 hours to do this.

Today the Prince called the alarm company in question, demanded that they repair their less than stellar work and had someone at our house within an hour of that call. Score one point for the prince.

Bleeding new guy and semi-experienced other guy showed up an hour later and in a span of just 2 (insert sarcasm) short hours fixed the system so that the phone worked and the Internet was no longer so slow that I wanted to end my own life. PARTY! Prince arrived home shortly after, set the alarm to test it and discovered that semi-experienced other guy neglected to enter the code that allowed us to disarm the system. Huh. Trapped in our house with no food, I could not get to the grocery store due to arrival of bleeding new guy and semi-experienced other guy coinciding with the end of Anna's nap, grumpy children, cranky wife, fussing baby and alarm system that cannot be disarmed...the Prince was in a real pickle this time! True to form, the Prince saved the day with a stern phone call to alarm company and the rapid return of semi-experienced other guy who managed to actually fix the system so that it works! Third time is the charm eh?

The Prince, then realizing that his wife was about 10 seconds from a nervous breakdown, supplied dinner, childcare and then ordered me upstairs for an hour of alone time which I am clearly using to its full advantage.

He also got me THE most fabulous cell phone with ALL the bells and whistles for Mother's Day. PERFECT gift! Esther jokes that I must carry my digi cam around in a holster, now I don't have to! I can whip out my phone and snap those pics and video clips that I know you all cannot live without, but without having to add one more piece of equipment to my already overstuffed purse and/or diaper bag.

What more could a girl ask for?

Truly, the man is amazing. He has been through complete and utter hell this past year. (If you are new to the blog you can find instructions for accessing our old blog and the first half of our story here .) I know that he has battled the urge to give up, become bitter, give into frustration etc. Yet he remains the wonderful, caring, considerate, kind hearted person that I met all those years ago. If anything he is all that and more. I am in awe of the way that he has allowed his experiences to shape him into a kinder and more caring person. I did not think it was possible for him to be more of those things, clearly I was wrong.

Please do forgive the personal and, to some, possibly cheesy nature of this post. I won't do it very often, but in this case it HAD to be said.

Happy weekend to all! May it be fun filled, relaxing and not rainy.

PS Esther, I just want you to know that I am WELL AWARE of your scheme to sway the Qdoba vs. Chipotle vote. You can't fool me woman!

PPS Yes, ultimately the whole alarm fiasco was well worth it. I can now rest easy knowing that no one will be psycho killed in their sleep and that our precious collection of primary colored plastic is secure.

PPPS Does anyone know how to use the mp3 function on my phone? I don't want to buy music off of the Sprint site, I want to upload from my computer. Neither of us can find instructions in the user manual, and despite the fact that we are both fairly tech savvy, we cannot figure it out. All my music is in I-Tunes on my computer, I assume that I need a different program to use with the phone? It is not an I-Phone, it is the Sprint equivalent. It did not come with any software...we are very confused.

PPPPS Anna has finally cut her top teeth. Please, NO warnings regarding how I am going to be mercilessly bitten. I am a firm believer in ignorance being bliss and frankly, I like being surprised so don't ruin it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Nana's Boutique

Indulge me, if you will, in a little fashion show. My wonderful mom, otherwise known as Nana, has through the years created many fun and lovely items for my kids. I have arranged a few of my favorites into 2 slide shows for your review. If you would like to proposition Nana with regards to some darling, hand made items for your little one(s), shoot me an e-mail and I will send you her e-mail address.

PS A few of these pics show only the item as Anna was thoroughly unimpressed with her short career as a fashion model. The cherries outfit has a matching bag that she pitched across the room. Most of these outfits have additional contrasting or matching pieces, ADORABLE!!

The S Brothers Thoughts on Theology

But first....

Ok people, WHO read my previous post and then went out of their way to vote for Chipotle?? WHO WAS IT? I WANT NAMES!!

While we wait, allow me to regale you with the boys' thoughts on God, heaven and all things spiritual.

Overheard from underneath the dining room table:

Nathan, we are going to have talking time now. When you loose a tooth, God plants a new one and it grows up out of the dirt then it goes from your foot up into your mouth and that is your new tooth.

Where is God Isaac?

God is inside us Nathan.



Yes Nathan, God is in everyone's stomach.

Conversation in the car today:

Mommy, when we go to heaven, we can't take all our stuff right?

No Isaac, you don't take your stuff to heaven, but that is ok because you won't miss it in heaven.


But mommy I really love my panda and my bear, I would miss them so much!

[Mommy thinks frantically]

Well, you know what Isaac? I bet that your panda and your bear will be there waiting for you, you can still have them in heaven.

What about baby alive? I would miss her too!

Yes Isaac baby alive will be there too.

What about my cars?

Hey boys! Do you want to have lunch at McDonald's??!?! Yeah that sounds like fun, let's have lunch at McDonald's.

Discussion from about a year ago:
Mommy, it is too hot! Why can't you chance the weather!

Only God can change the weather Isaac.

PAUSE Isaac is clearly deep in thought.

Nuh uh mommy. Rescue Heros can change the weather, I saw them do it on tv.

And there you have it, the spiritual side of Isaac and Nathan. Cute, aren't they?

Still waiting to hear who tipped that vote!

Qdoba is winning the polls! and other pointless news

I KNEW if I left that poll up long enough the results would swing in my favor!!

I am supposed to run a 10K on Memorial Day.


I should probably think about going running or something.

Anna has started getting up at 6:30 am. Anyone who is even remotely familiar with me knows that this is bordering on torture in my little world. I thought I would be very smart, put some Cheerios on the family room floor and then lay down and doze while she plays. Ohhhh no! I MUST be sitting up and I MUST be actively engaged with her or she throws herself on the floor and pitches a baby fit complete with head pounding. At any other time of day I would find that endearing. At 6:30 am I want to curl up in a ball and cry. The boys sleep until 8 am on a very regular basis. At this very moment it is 8:53 am and Isaac is still asleep. HOW can I teach this child that mommy does not function prior to 8 am?

Yes, to those of you thinking that I should be the one to adapt and start going to bed earlier, I am well aware of this solution. HOWEVER, 8 pm to midnight are pretty serious work hours for me and I am not sure where I would find those hours if I started going to bed earlier. Before ANYONE says it, and I know that at least 12 of you are thinking it, I really DO accomplish more than a 4 hour IM session with Liz between the hours of 8 pm and midnight. No really, it's true. REALLY.