Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bon Appetit

Is it June yet? Is it? No really, is it? I have lost all track of time. Day or night, Friday, Tuesday, Sunday, it really does not matter. I AM SO TIRED. Someone give me a swift kick when June gets here and make sure that I actually sit up and pay attention.

Why did I start this entry? I am pretty sure I intended to accomplish something other than to gripe about my busy life. Oh yes, to tell you about our one day off this week.

Long ago, our playgroup swore a solemn oath that we would NEVER visit the zoo on a Friday in late May. It has been such a rough year and such a busy Spring that we have not had much of a chance to get the kids together, so on Friday we all threw caution to the wind and met for a day at the zoo.

Ok, it was probably a mistake. We did had fun despite the huge crowds AND we only lost Nathan 3 times. That may just be a record. Have I ever told you about the time he fell head first into the sea lion enclosure and had to be rescued by Ms Wendy? No? Well that was pretty much the whole story. They now have his picture posted with a caption that reads something along the lines of, "If you see this child coming, pour rubber cement on the ground outside of every animal enclosure so that he cannot climb in." Nathan, God love him, is a complete menace at the zoo.

He capped off this particular trip by parking himself in front of me and very proudly announcing that he just ate a rolly polly olly. Yes that does mean what you fear it might mean and he had the leftover chunks in his teeth to prove it. I am not sure what possesses this lovable little boy of mine to eat the little creepy crawlies that he encounters, but he actually does this fairly frequently. Usually he eats ants. This also probably explains why we have to beg him to eat more than 2 bites of food at any given meal.

So, all you wise and experienced moms out there, what IS a mom to do? I honestly do not think that this habit will hurt him, but I would prefer that he refrain from consuming arachnids and insects unless he is A. starving or B. a contestant on Survivor.

I put together a little slide show of our day for your viewing pleasure. Overall we had a great day and I am very glad that we made the time.

Have a great weekend!

PS Is anyone else suffering their Spring allergies more intensely than usual? My eyes feel like they are on fire, my whole face itches so badly I could scratch until I hit bone and I am getting very tired of blowing my nose. I am so uncomfortable I want to swig a bottle of Benadryl and sleep for 3 days, which is generally what happens when I take Benadryl. I suppose I COULD visit my doctor and ask for some allergies med, but that seems like a LOT of effort at the moment.


Mary Beth said...

Um...let's not forget to blog about the particular ways of the zoo employees!

Cherith said...

Ah yes mary, I have left that particular issue in Jesse's very capable hands. I am too itchy, tired and busy to give it much attention at the moment.

(But that guy really was a jerk.)

Anonymous said...

At least he is getting lots of protein!