Monday, May 28, 2007

Backyard Campout

The men in my life are in the process of celebrating a very significant milestone in a young boy's life. We pitched a tent in the backyard, lit a fire, purchased a bunch of marshmallows and additional junk food and voila! The boys' very first backyard camp out. We consider this rehearsal for an upcoming REAL camp out, one that will take place in the actual mountains. A few minutes ago they ran an extension cord into the tent so that they can watch "Night at the Museum" on Jesse's laptop. We will have to warm them up to the striking lack of electricity they will experience in the real outdoors.

They are having an absolute blast and are so hopped up on sugar that they probably won't go to sleep until noon tomorrow. If you happen to be one of the fabulous souls planning to babysit for us tomorrow night, God help you and thanks! ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We LOVE backyard camp outs! Looks like they had lots of fun!

- Gretchen