Monday, May 14, 2007

Remember the Macaroni Jewelry?

Do you remember all the pieces of uncooked pasta jewelry that you painstakingly assembled for your mom? Do you remember anticipating her unabashed joy when you presented her with your beautiful creations? Do you remember the sparkle in her eyes when you woke her up on Mother's Day and excitedly gave her your gifts? Do you remember her wearing them out in public, proud to display your hard work?

I am thrilled, honored and humbled to report that I have now experienced the joy of the macaroni necklace from the other side of the table.

For mother's day this year, my darling boys bestowed upon me several lovingly selected gifts that I will treasure for ever. Isaac picked out a pair of brown flip flops adorned with pink hearts and Nathan presented me with 2 sets of beautiful, plastic costume jewelry.

I will forever cherish these treasures that my dear little boys insisted on purchasing for me. Those two are just the light of my life.

We spent a lovely day painting at our favorite ceramics spot, napping, had dinner at Maggianos and then came home for a rousing evening game of street hockey, during which Anna repeatedly tried to crawl into the street. A wonderful and perfect day at the S house. Pictures of our day in the slide show below.

Jesse gave me a new backpack to use with Anna. She has started crawling out of the sling when I have her on my back and I am afraid to use it with her anymore.

In case you are wondering, I still have not figured out how to use most of the functions on my new cell phone. Ah well, plenty of time in June. If I make it out of the month of May alive and sane, it will be a miracle.

Love to all, I hope all you metro area folks survived the intense weather this evening unscathed. Tomorrow I am going to wear my beautiful new shoes and jewelry to the grocery store where we will purchase lots of fun pasta that we can assemble into priceless artifacts to bestow upon our loved ones. I now firmly believe that you have not lived until you have worn a pasta necklace out in public.

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