Friday, May 4, 2007

The Divine Mr. S and the Home Alarm System from Hell

Believe it or not, these two topics ARE related. My brother in law has a t-shirt on which you will find a graph relating the presence of pirates in the Caribbean to the number of Twinkies produced in Boston, or some such thing. This post is not like that at ALL. Very funny t-shirt, by the way. Probably my favorite in the collection.

But I digress....

I must, in the least irritating way possible, speak a few words regarding my dear husband. A very dear group of online friends long ago dubbed him "The Prince" and a more apt nickname I cannot fathom. He has received numerous requests to write a book on the subject of how to make your wife happy. I am still nagging him about this ladies, really I am.

The prince, realizing how much I dislike being home alone when he is out of town, arranged for the installation of a home security system this week. What a fabulous idea!! Fabulous, that is, until it became apparent that we had been graced with a shiny new installation person who had no idea what he was doing. A person who cut his hand and held it bleeding profusely over the dishes in my sink while I cleaned, dried and bandaged it. A person who neglected to include an Internet filter and messed up our phone line to the point that I could not work, receive phone calls or otherwise do 95% of what I normally do during a typical day. Very aggravating. And he took 3.5 hours to do this.

Today the Prince called the alarm company in question, demanded that they repair their less than stellar work and had someone at our house within an hour of that call. Score one point for the prince.

Bleeding new guy and semi-experienced other guy showed up an hour later and in a span of just 2 (insert sarcasm) short hours fixed the system so that the phone worked and the Internet was no longer so slow that I wanted to end my own life. PARTY! Prince arrived home shortly after, set the alarm to test it and discovered that semi-experienced other guy neglected to enter the code that allowed us to disarm the system. Huh. Trapped in our house with no food, I could not get to the grocery store due to arrival of bleeding new guy and semi-experienced other guy coinciding with the end of Anna's nap, grumpy children, cranky wife, fussing baby and alarm system that cannot be disarmed...the Prince was in a real pickle this time! True to form, the Prince saved the day with a stern phone call to alarm company and the rapid return of semi-experienced other guy who managed to actually fix the system so that it works! Third time is the charm eh?

The Prince, then realizing that his wife was about 10 seconds from a nervous breakdown, supplied dinner, childcare and then ordered me upstairs for an hour of alone time which I am clearly using to its full advantage.

He also got me THE most fabulous cell phone with ALL the bells and whistles for Mother's Day. PERFECT gift! Esther jokes that I must carry my digi cam around in a holster, now I don't have to! I can whip out my phone and snap those pics and video clips that I know you all cannot live without, but without having to add one more piece of equipment to my already overstuffed purse and/or diaper bag.

What more could a girl ask for?

Truly, the man is amazing. He has been through complete and utter hell this past year. (If you are new to the blog you can find instructions for accessing our old blog and the first half of our story here .) I know that he has battled the urge to give up, become bitter, give into frustration etc. Yet he remains the wonderful, caring, considerate, kind hearted person that I met all those years ago. If anything he is all that and more. I am in awe of the way that he has allowed his experiences to shape him into a kinder and more caring person. I did not think it was possible for him to be more of those things, clearly I was wrong.

Please do forgive the personal and, to some, possibly cheesy nature of this post. I won't do it very often, but in this case it HAD to be said.

Happy weekend to all! May it be fun filled, relaxing and not rainy.

PS Esther, I just want you to know that I am WELL AWARE of your scheme to sway the Qdoba vs. Chipotle vote. You can't fool me woman!

PPS Yes, ultimately the whole alarm fiasco was well worth it. I can now rest easy knowing that no one will be psycho killed in their sleep and that our precious collection of primary colored plastic is secure.

PPPS Does anyone know how to use the mp3 function on my phone? I don't want to buy music off of the Sprint site, I want to upload from my computer. Neither of us can find instructions in the user manual, and despite the fact that we are both fairly tech savvy, we cannot figure it out. All my music is in I-Tunes on my computer, I assume that I need a different program to use with the phone? It is not an I-Phone, it is the Sprint equivalent. It did not come with any software...we are very confused.

PPPPS Anna has finally cut her top teeth. Please, NO warnings regarding how I am going to be mercilessly bitten. I am a firm believer in ignorance being bliss and frankly, I like being surprised so don't ruin it!


Mary Beth said...

James says that first of all, the shirt is about the relation of pirates to global warming--DUH!

He also says that since your music is off of ITunes, you'll probably need to:
1) Burn it to a CD
2) Rerip it on your computer

He says this will remove the DRM (digital rights management) so that it will work on your phone (ITunes stuff only works with the IPod phone.)

Anonymous said...

You have to stand up for what you believe in...and I BELIEVE in Chipotle!!

Dennis, Rose and our Clan said...

Sorry C! I would vote chipolte in a heartbeat if I saw the poll! I begged them to come to our town and they finally have now I can drive just 5 minutes down the road instead of 20! Dennis says I will gain 100 lbs this year but so worth it for the love of those burritos!!

Cherith said...

Darn it, I better come up with another poll!!!