Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ghetto Blocks

Two days of continuous downpour have forced us to get a bit creative in the way we entertain ourselves. Behold the S family tribute to recycling. We call it, "Mount S." Creative, aren't we?

Fortunately the sun is shining today and the boys have been playing outside since the moment they woke up.

In case you are wondering, I am now squirting a liquid antihistamine directly into my eyes. I attended a work function yesterday, numerous co-workers were forced to seek refuge from the horror of having to look me directly in the eye. A vendor actually swatted my hand while ordering me to stop touching my eyes. I know it is awful people, I am doing the best I can, really.

Nathan's eye has turned some fascinating shades of purple. Perhaps tomorrow I shall amuse you by posting side by side pics of our gruesome eyeballs.

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Anonymous said...

How very eco-friendly of you. SNICKER