Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The S Brothers Thoughts on Theology

But first....

Ok people, WHO read my previous post and then went out of their way to vote for Chipotle?? WHO WAS IT? I WANT NAMES!!

While we wait, allow me to regale you with the boys' thoughts on God, heaven and all things spiritual.

Overheard from underneath the dining room table:

Nathan, we are going to have talking time now. When you loose a tooth, God plants a new one and it grows up out of the dirt then it goes from your foot up into your mouth and that is your new tooth.

Where is God Isaac?

God is inside us Nathan.



Yes Nathan, God is in everyone's stomach.

Conversation in the car today:

Mommy, when we go to heaven, we can't take all our stuff right?

No Isaac, you don't take your stuff to heaven, but that is ok because you won't miss it in heaven.


But mommy I really love my panda and my bear, I would miss them so much!

[Mommy thinks frantically]

Well, you know what Isaac? I bet that your panda and your bear will be there waiting for you, you can still have them in heaven.

What about baby alive? I would miss her too!

Yes Isaac baby alive will be there too.

What about my cars?

Hey boys! Do you want to have lunch at McDonald's??!?! Yeah that sounds like fun, let's have lunch at McDonald's.

Discussion from about a year ago:
Mommy, it is too hot! Why can't you chance the weather!

Only God can change the weather Isaac.

PAUSE Isaac is clearly deep in thought.

Nuh uh mommy. Rescue Heros can change the weather, I saw them do it on tv.

And there you have it, the spiritual side of Isaac and Nathan. Cute, aren't they?

Still waiting to hear who tipped that vote!


Anonymous said...

Ha!! I got to vote again as my computer crashed and I had to re-install everything! YES!!! Now I understand that all things happen for a reason!

Jesse said...

Wow, Esther, it's just like from the movie Signs.... does that mean we will see a merger between the two companies some day??? I wonder who's hot chili they'll use? Hmmm...

Oh, and honey, you forgot the roller coaster - that's what Isaac says you ride on to get to heaven...