Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pirates 3

Date night last night, LOTS of fun! Many thanks to the fab babysitters who braved our bunch.

We loved Pirates 3, LOVED it! It very much appealed to our rather random sense of humor. I completely disagree with the critics. If you just sit back, relax and pay attention, it is not confusing.

I do, however, understand that there are those who, in the summer, don't want to pay $12 only to have to deal with some new plot line. Sorry folks.

Now, we have established both here and here that I am a nerd. I am sure that I shall further cement my status as nerd in the next few paragraphs, but alas it must be said.

Folks, I am a HUGE fan of some of the more recent, most popular trilogies and cult classics. I am talking about such enjoyable titles as Harry Potter, X-Men, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, etc. I have waited in line, shown up on opening night, the whole smash.

I have NOT however, not even once, felt the need to dress up as one of the characters in the movie. Can someone help me with this?

It was Tuesday night and pouring down rain. There were a grand total of probably 10 people in the theatre last night. 2 of them arrived dressed up as pirates.

{insert baffled look of confusion}

As I mentioned, I am a HUGE fan of these movies. I love them. I look forward to their release. I hire baby sitters at exorbitant cost so that I can attend. But dressing as one of the characters? Can someone help me with this?

If you want to paint your face to support the team, by all means do so. If you want to wear team colors, go for it! The team can see that you are there, they are aware of all the colors in the audience.

I so do not want to burst the bubble of anyone who may be reading this, but I feel it is my duty to inform anyone who may be contemplating dressing up to see one of these movies...the actors on the screen do not know you are there! They will remain blissfully unaware of your flamboyant show of support. They don't care, they don't know.

It's ok, there there, don't cry. Here, have a tissue, do you feel a bit better now? {gentle hug}

If some one out there would like to explain this phenomenon to me, I am all ears (eyes).

To (closely, I hope) quote Jack Sparrow, I'm done with this weirdness.


Anonymous said...

You totally missed the guy's piratey swagger as he walked away from the theater. It was awesome, he so felt like a pirate. Not that I can talk, having dressed up for Star Trek conventions!!
Esther :)

Jesse said...

I too loved the movie, though it left a question I have in mind unanswered: can one still become captain of the Flying Dutchman if he or she has a congenital heart defect? Alas, I'm afraid Mr. Verbinski, with all of his great movie-making vision, failed to ever consider this... pity.

Mary Beth said...

Sorry this post is so late--I'm writing it in Nashville as we speak.

Why do people dress up like pirates? The answer is simple--geek cred. Yes, like street cred, geek cred is highly sought after. Dressing up like a pirate (even if you see the movie fifteen times) gives you MASSIVE bragging rites at the next game convention, even more than having the twenty sided die made out of bone. That is why people do this silly thing--it brings lots of geek cred (and absolutely nothing else.)