Monday, May 7, 2007

Resolution....of a sort

Not the kind of resolution where two sides actually agree on anything, mind you. We are talking about more of a Matrix 3 kind of resolution, where both sides agree to end the bloody battle but neither side really gives into the other. A temporary resolution at best.

Crud, did that Matrix 3 reference just cement your impression of me as a hopeless nerd? Liz, are you shuffling through new friend cover letters and resumes as I type?

Ah well, what will be will be I suppose.

WHAT am I talking about?

Why I am talking about the Qdoba vs. Chipotle debate of COURSE! Don't you feel silly now?

For the record, I like both but I do not think they are the same thing. I love that Chipotle is moving towards organic ingredients and in general I really do just like the food. We dined there this evening, in fact, simply because I had a craving for that oh-so-Chipotlicious flavor.

Lately, however, I find my self opting for Qdoba more often, simply because their menu is more diverse. I like having options, what can I say?

So there you have it, an end to the bloody battle.

Who are our tragic heroes in this fight, you may ask? Our Neo and our Trinity? Um...I have no idea, I am not that creative. Someone else will have to work that out.

Per Jesse's suggestion, the Qdoba vs. Chipotle poll shall end and a new poll shall begin. So start thinking, which spring/summer sequel are you most anticipating ? Spider Man 3? Pirates of the Caribbean 3? Harry Potter 5? Shrek 3? Die Hard 4? I am aware that there are other movies to choose from, but these are the top pics in my mind. Vote for your favorite in the latest S Family Chronicles Poll!!

In other news, my darling little angels are driving me absolutely crazy. They are clearly all infected with a virus that causes them to not listen, to beat on each other mercilessly and to talk back constantly. I am hard at work on the cure for this illness and will let you know as soon as I have it. Thus far nothing has yielded satisfactory results.

This evening found me so incredibly distraught with their behavior that I attempted self medication with leftover Easter candy. I would have quite enjoyed myself, but for the fact that my chocoholic 12 month old daughter snubbed the organic, freeze dried apples and strawberries I offered and insisted that SHE be allowed to feast on leftover Easter chocolate. I ask you, what child in their right mind would turn down organic, freeze dried apples and strawberries in favor of chocolate??? CLEARLY she is not well.

While we are on the topic of Anna's behavior, can someone please explain when/why she turned from a cooing, contented, when-all-my-basic-needs-are-met-life-is-golden infant into a fit throwing pre-toddler? I tell you people, this girl can pitch a fit with the best of them. I am not talking about fits because she is hungry and I cannot get her a snack right at that moment. I am talking about, mom I want your cell phone and by God I want it RIGHT NOW! fits. When, tell me when and why, tell me WHY did she make this change? I love her to pieces, really I do, but this new stage is a bit trying.

I suppose that is all the complaining I can and should do this evening. Stay tuned for video of our loony cats and shameless solicitation. You are excited now, I know you are. You can't fool me.


Jesse said...

The Qdoba/Chipotle battle ended the way it ended and could not have ended any other way...otherwise, we'd all be dead...(for you Matrix junkies).

Anonymous said...

I think my kids might be infected by that same virus!

Davis Family said...

I have to tell you, my desk is piled high with new friend cover letters and resumes. Apparently, this is the season where folks are looking to climb the friendship ladder a couple of steps and figure a stint on my BFF list will increase their cache'. my little world, the criteria ain't all that stringent. Ya just gotta prefer qdoba over chipotle ;-)


Mary Beth said...

James says that 28 Weeks Later should be on that list--because what could be better than a new zombie movie?

Sam voted for Spider Man of course (he loves that word now--thank you Isaac and Nathan very much!)

Cherith said...

Haha! Esther cannot be Liz's friend!! Haha!

(Esther are you still feeling queasy? Want me to come and sponge your forehead?