Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For Auntie Liz and Why You Should Always Check Your Receipt BEFORE Leaving the Store

Blogged twice today, yes there were probably better things that I could have been doing. Make sure to scroll down to read my hypothetical and then tell me that I really don't need to worry.

Auntie Liz, we just cannot thank you enough for the wonderful birthday present. We finally got an electric pump to blow it up and the boys LOVE IT! Everyone should invite Auntie Liz to their kids' birthday parties! She gives out giant hamster wheels! Is there any better gift for little boys?

It DID attract a few other neighborhood kids who did not seem too keen on going back home. We gave them all an espresso and a puppy and sent them on their merry ways. Their parents certainly won't make the mistake of sending them to play at the S house again. EVIL GRIN

Now for an in depth explanation as to why you should ALWAYS check your receipt before you leave a store. Perhaps the rest of the world already knows this. Perhaps I don't do it because I always have 3 kids in tow. Whatever the case may be, consider this your public service announcement.

My sister Mary and I took all four of our kids out to lunch, shopping and to the park today. No, we are not insane, I just REALLY had to escape from my house today. I am still working on writing the post that explains why. It is very hard to accomplish without lacing it with swear words.

Anyhoo, upon studying my receipt more closely this evening, I discovered a charge for $59.99 for an item called, "table." The problem is, I did not purchase a table or anything that remotely resembles a table. I certainly did not purchase anything that cost $59.99.

Quite upset by this charge, I piled the kids in the car and raced back to the store. I approached the service desk, pleasant smile in place, and explained the situation.

Much eye rolling and looks of skepticism ensued.

I guess I do not really blame them for assuming that I was there to commit fraud, but really, what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

The checker paged someone and up walks a security guard. It took 3 different explanations before he understood that I was telling him I had been charged for something that I did not purchase. He took the receipt, said he would check on this and disappeared.

The checker told me I could wait "over there" and that the security guard would be back soon to tell me, "everything I needed to know." Okaaayyyy...sure, whatever lady, I know you think I am a thief.

The security guard returned about 15 minutes later and asked me to follow him, "because we need your help with something in the picture room." Um..what exactly is the picture room? "Please follow me, we have some questions for you."

Down several cramped and poorly lit hallways, clutching my children's hands and trying desperately to think if maybe I HAD purchased something that might have cost $59.99 and could have been called a table.

We arrived at a room with a big sign on the door. The sign said, "ASSET RECOVERY."


We walked into the room, one whole wall was covered in TV screens and there was a guy sitting there, rewinding and fast forwarding the images on one screen. I quickly realized that I was the person in those images. the store is smart enough to have cameras above each check out station so that they are constantly taping as people are checking out. A wise move! Thinking that I am totally in the clear, I relax, greet this person, and ask for a place for the boys to sit down. They indicate two wire mesh stools that have handcuffs clipped to the side. At this point Isaac breaks into a cold sweat and starts clutching my hand. Isaac KNOWS what handcuffs are for. It took a lot of reassurance before he would actually sit, I think we was convinced that we were all going to jail.

The new guy points at the screen in question, indicating an item on the checkout belt and announced that, "this is your table." I faced two very stern faces, both with looks of amused, "WE GOTCHA" plastered on and informed them that the table they were pointing at was in fact a large bucket of cat litter with a bright orange top and very clearly, a handle.

ooohhhhhhh...ooohhhhh...ohh well miss, sometimes when the warehouse sends us items they are labeled incorrectly and we take a loss because we pay the price on the bar code too and you can have the cat littler for free and we will refund you the $59.99, blah, blah, blah.


The lesson here? Always check your receipt before you leave the store!

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ok, that thing looks like a blast! Way to go aunti Liz!

So do you want to tell us what store this was so that we can refuse to ever shop there again?

Cherith said...

Um, well, no I don't think that is really necessary. Especially since, for purely convenient reasons, *I* will still be shopping there. I will just be sure to check my receipt very carefully before I leave from now on.

But if you want to boycott Toys R Us, HAVE AT IT! ;)