Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Hypothetical

IF you were to walk upstairs late at night and IF you were to find this scene, painstakingly created by one of your offspring, would you worry?

I don't know what you might be thinking, but it looks to me as though Daphne is in for a world of hurt. She is tied up, caged, the green goblin is riding a dinosaur and there is an apocalyptic looking skeleton on a horse! Poor Daphne, this just cannot be good.


Mary Beth said...

We both know that Anna would destroy all of Daphne's foes just to get to her and chew on her head (okay, maybe that's not better.)

Davis Family said...

I'm just thinking.....perhaps it's a little over due. Have your kids had an initial evaluation by a qualified psychotherapist OR do you and Jesse still feel confident that this behavior is typical of preschoolers? kids are REALLY REALLY busy this summer. (Lordy, you just have to watch who your youngsters come into contact with these days!)

:::evil grin:::

Cherith said...

Bummer Liz, Lark and Willow are going to be really disappointed when they miss out on the puppy dog, fire works and candy for no reason party that we are having later this summer.

I have had a VERY pricey specialist inform me at least twice a day for the last 5.5 years that all of my kids are perfectly normal, so I am not terribly worried. However, she has not yet read this post so we better wait and see if she has changed her assessment of my little darlings.

Mary, did you just identify my daughter as the godzilla of this situation???

Anonymous said...

Ahem...totally normal. $25.00. Only a bit worried that Daphne is a red head and I did make them turn off the hose and stop flooding the yard on Tuesday!

Jesse said...

The Green Goblin was riding a dinosaur because his foot glider was broken in two - just in case anybody wanted to know. And... I think he had Daphne (that's the Daphne from Scooby Doo in case anybody was wondering) in there for her protection - kind of like a reverse judicial system, where all the innocents are locked up to protect them from the criminals out there... the day is coming, just you watch! 8-D

Mary Beth said...

I definitely think Anna is Godzilla. Which makes Sam King Kong--this is an action movie waiting to happen!