Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Whole New World

In honor of the boys' favorite song from Aladdin, I will start this blog with a true, although somewhat cliche' statement.

New readers can find the "start" of our journey by signing up for a free account at . Our former blog is called AnnaNathanandIsaacsDaddy.

We have arrived in a time and place that at times we thought we might never know. We are post surgery, post complications, post car accidents, post bedrest, post NICU, post childbirth, post moves...we are so ready to just simply LIVE. There are still days when we do a mental double take, wondering if the other shoe is soon to drop, if we are getting too comfortable, but we try very hard to move past that kind of post trauma thinking and look forward to our lives with a positive outlook and fresh energy.

We are truly blessed.

Jesse went to his 6 week post ablation appt and all appears very well. He was put on a 24 hour monitor due to a few blips he has had over the last few weeks, but the overall prognosis is excellent.

Hopefully that is absolutely the LAST interesting, and really not so interesting, think that we will have to say about his heart for a very, very long time. Our sense of joy and freedom is at times nearly overwhelming.

Daily life in the S house remains crazy busy, to the point that it is comical at times. Esther can definitely witness to this fact, and for your info Esther, it is 12:16 AM as I type this. I know how amusing you find my late night keyboarding. ;)

Below you will find a link to the most recent video of Anna. We gave her a comb and she proceeded to start combing her own hair. She gave herself quite a do! Yes that IS a nasty bruise on her cheek, one of origins unknown. Tomorrow, if I have time, I will tell the tale of our little stinker with her nanny today. We are in SERIOUS trouble when this little girl grows up!

The boys are absolutely thrilled with their new swing set. Many, many thanks to my mom, Tom and Esther for donating 2 solid days to get this thing put together. If I have done this correctly, you will see some pictures of the boys enjoying their new digs at the top of the page. We still have the slide to put together, but they are LOVING it!! Nathan has already learned how to pump and get himself swinging without a push. We are both proud of him and at the same time sad...this is the official end to our days of pushing our boys on the swings.

I am searching desperately for an infant swing for Anna, but have not been successful in that search. Please do NOT suggest that I look at Toys R Us as I will NEVER set foot in that store again. Their lack of customer service has finally pushed me to the boycott stage. How will we survive with 3 young kids and not going to Toys R Us? Well...I have not figured that one out yet. Do you think it is cheating if I ask someone else to go for us? Mary, I am thinking in your direction.....

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