Friday, March 30, 2007

Snow shmow!

Fortunately, the snow melted quickly and we were able to get outside today. Ever dependable Mary showed up a baby swing probably an hour after reading my last post. Rest assured she did NOT go to Toys R Us. WAY TO GO MARY! Toys R Us is EVIL!

Below is a video of all three kids playing on their swings. It was a little chilly today, but Anna really loves to swing. Ok, yes she should have had socks on, she did not loose any toes so relax. Next time I promise to put socks on her.

Incidentally, I have now tried several times to get Anna to wear shoes, but it is not going too well. She wiggles her foot around, fusses and looks at me like I have committed a most grievous sin. Very unfortunate for her to dislike shoes so much, considering her relatives. We will have to continue working on this issue. There is NO WAY I will pass up my ONLY chance to buy baby girls shoes!!!

Actually, come to think of it, Isaac was the same way. I was once approached by a store security guard because he was throwing such a fit over having to try on shoes. Maybe I need to get some DNA tests and make sure these are actually my children...

Ah yes, you want to know what Anna did yesterday that was so awful? Anna has a dear and wonderful nanny, Amanda. Anna has been staying with Amanda at least one day a week since last fall and they just love each other. I dropped Anna off on Thursday as usual, went home to get some work done and then went shopping with Esther.

Apparently Anna decided that she just did not want to deal on this particular day and proceeded to scream for 5 straight hours. Poor Amanda finally called me in distress, unable to figure out what was wrong. Esther and I dropped everything and raced back to pick Anna up, only to be greeted with a big smile and coos of delight. LITTLE STINKER! After a brief feeding, Anna reached her arms out for Amanda and put her head down on her shoulder. This WOULD have been quite a tender and endearing moment if it did not immediately follow 5 hours of constant fussing. Just for the record, there was not a darn thing wrong with her, she was fine that whole evening and has been fine every since. Not even a hint of a runny nose! She just made up her mind that she would carry on until she got what she wanted. I think we might be in trouble with this one!

In case you are wondering about the new Barilla Plus pasta , we sampled it tonight and quite enjoyed it. It was a bit more firm than your typical pasta, which I actually like, but the flavor and overall texture were quite similar to "regular" pasta. The boys liked it as did Anna.

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Anonymous said...

Aw! They look like they are having lots of fun! I am so glad that the snow melted quickly and you were not stuck inside again. Goodness knows you had enough snow last winter!