Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day

Really, it has not been all that bad of a day. I am just at the tail end of a wicked, rear kicking, virus and am still feeling rather weak, sleepy and pathetic.

But today I determined that I would, nay MUST, rally myself to the tasks of laundry, carpet cleaning, etc. I despise the feeling that a herd of antelope reside in my home as opposed to a family of somewhat civilized humans.

I was doing an EXCELLENT job of reclaiming my tidy abode when lunch time rolled around. I expertly prepared the kids a lovely lunch of ravioli and raspberries (no really, they LOVE it) when Nathan requested chocolate soy milk. And how he knew it was soy milk I have NO idea. We never told them we were making the switch, we just did it.

Feeling satisfied with my domestic accomplishments of the day thus far and secure in my ability to complete a task as simple as serving milk to my offspring, I secured the chocolate soy milk and gave it a vigorous shaking to ensure the proper mixture for my children's' waiting palates.

It was about 3 seconds later, whilst standing in a sticky brown puddle, dripping wet and watching sticky brown ooze dribble down my walls, drip from my ceiling and otherwise completely cover my recently cleaned kitchen that I discovered a new life lesson.

And since I love you all SO very much, I have decided that it is only right that I share this particular lesson with you.

Little Life Lessons from the S House: Before shaking a carton of chocolate soy milk, make sure to double check that there is actually a cap ON the chocolate soy milk and thus you will avoid great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I have revised my list of goals for the day and now believe that a nap is very much in order. After all, I AM recovering from an illness.

Love to all!


Mary said...

Yikes--that would call for a nap.

Why did you switch them to soy milk? Were they getting too cow-uppity?

Jesse said...

Boy... I'm very soy to hear that. I guess that beans we'll have some cleaning to do. I can't believe you soy-ld the kitchen like that. It's soy unlike you!!!

OKAY! I'm going now!!! Geesh!!! Soy un perdidor!!!

Cindi said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.... will look forward to reading about your journey.
Several years ago when my husband was out of town and I was at the end of an extremely exhausting day with 3 young boys, I dropped a NEW gallon of milk on the tile floor, it burst wide open, and I don't have to tell you anymore. Just know I can relate to your spilled milk story.