Monday, June 9, 2008

S Brothers on Theology and Meteorology

It has been a while since our last observation of the S brothers thoughts on theology. The discussion below touches on a little meteorology as well; My boys certainly have a well rounded liberal arts education in the works.

Isaac: NOTHING can ever kill God Nathan.

Nathan: There is one thing that can kill God Isaac. A TORNADO can kill God.

Isaac (exasperated): Nathan, God MAKES tornadoes and nothing He makes is going to kill Him.

Nathan (more insistently): TORNADOES CAN kill God Isaac!

Isaac: God only got killed once but he rolled that big rock out of the way and was alive anyway. Mr. Bill told you about it, remember?

(Mr. Bill is Nathan's Sunday School teacher.)

Nathan: Oh yeah! And then he threw the rock and it got stuck in the tornado!

I am not entirely sure where Nathan's obsession with tornadoes has come from. True there have been tornadoes aplenty around the country and even more true, his room looks as if it has been ravaged by one, but even so he seems unusually interested in them lately.

Love to all!


Mary said...

Nathan has just gotten his hands on one of books of the Apocrypha, and now the Vatican is headed over there to silence him! Your child is a theological genius!

Catherine said...

LOL!! Nothing better than kids and their theology. Thanks for the morning smile!

I looks like a tornado has hit Hannah's room already and she's not even home yet! This 3 year 'pregnancy' has turned her nursery into a storage/drop area. I'll need to remind myself someday that the tornado hit her room long before she became a teenager!