Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Weekend!

This weekend, the very first work free weekend we have had in MONTHS, the S Family has decided to go a bit underground and play tourist in our own state.

It might sound lame, but we are having a blast. Our area has TONS of fun, kid oriented attractions that we don't often take advantage of.

Today we toured a cave and had a wonderful time, despite my claustrophobia and the boys' disappointment over the fact that there were no bats residing in this particular cave. Little boys love caves, it's just one of those simple facts of life.

We also visited a local dinosaur research institute. Little boys also love dinosaurs, another irrefutable fact of life. From the boys' perspective today was without question the most perfect day in history. Isaac has announced that his future career plans have changed from simply being a race car driver to being a race car driver AND a paleontologist. He thought all that digging in the dirt for old bones looked like LOADS of fun.

At this point, Anna loves pretty much anything her big brothers love so her day was perfect to.

We finished up with a swim in our subdivisions recently opened pool.

Mini vacation day 1: SUCCESS!!! No injuries, no ER visits, no illness, no accidents...AMAZING!

Coming soon: Vacation Day 2: Prince Caspian and an evening BBQ with our good friends.

Love to all! We hope your weekend is as pleasant and relaxing as ours!

PS I have recently been terribly saddened by the loss of the FABULOUS video camera Jesse gave me for Christmas. Hence the lack of video on the blog. Our adventures this weekend and an upcoming deadline requiring the use of a digital video camera motivated me to launch a hard target search of every diaper bag, purse, jacket or coat pocket, junk drawer and typical electronic device location in a 500 foot radius around our house. To my great disappointment, the search yielded nary a digital video camera. Discouraged, I resigned myself to the loss, got in the waiting car, opened my camera bag in order to check the battery supply for my digital camera and discovered the video camera, right where anyone else but me would assume they should find a video camera. I wonder how often I loose things by storing them where they actually should be kept?

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Teacher Mary said...

It's great to be a tourist in your own state! I am glad you all had such a fab time! Your son should meet my brother who races cars. He just raced last weekend at the California Raceway in Fontana! Its also neat that he has decided he wants a two-pronged career! Enjoy the new Narnia movie and BBQ! Lots of Love and Prayers!