Friday, May 16, 2008

Dear God, Can we talk?

Dear God,

I love being a mom, I truly do. I love every single detail about the children that you have sent me, including Isaac's super sensitivity, Nathan's dare devil tendencies and Anna's utterly rebellious 2 year old phase.

However, is it REALLY necessary to keep dropping infant animals in my lap RIGHT in front of the super sensitive little boy that you have blessed me with?

Really, it is not so much that I minded climbing a ladder and wandering around on a neighbor's roof bare foot while wearing a skirt to try and locate the nest of the baby bird the neighbor I was chatting with discovered in the pile of clothing she was selling at her garage sale.

I did not even mind when I finally DID locate the nest in a next to impossible location and was forced to attempt to maneuver the tiny, fragile creature between the jagged hole in the screen in order to get it back into the nest.

I was ok after all that effort when the baby bird fell right back out of the hole that it must have originally come from and I was still ok when I repeated the effort of maneuvering it through the jagged whole in the screen in a second attempt to get it back in its nest, after plugging up the whole from which it has fallen.

Honestly, it is not so much that I mind these activities. I would very willingly mother the entire world if it would let me, but I do have to wonder at Your reasoning, considering that
You have also given me a super sensitive little boy who suffers far more than I think these little creatures do, every time we cannot save one.

I mean, the baby mouse DID die, but at least it died warm and safe and well fed. Isaac, on the other hand, grieves hopelessly each time one of these little critters does not make it. Thus far I have been asked at least 234 times if the baby bird will be ok after I put it back in its nest. I don't really think so and I hate to lie to my 6 year old, but the truth will break his heart again all over.

So I have to ask You, did I miss my calling? Is this an indication that I should pursue a career change? Or is this an effort on Your part to teach Isaac about the circle of life and should I, in that case, just follow suit?

I could use a sign before I contract some awful parasite from one of these creatures.

Oh yes, and for future reference, I draw the line at roaches. I don't care how little or helpless, I will NOT make any effort to save the life of one of those vile things.


Esther said...

When you save creatures you are all heroic and when I try (see snake) I am irresponsible..hrmmmm

Teacher Mary said...

You are hysterical. It is wonderful to have a son with such a heart for the needy-I am sure it will extend beyond animals the older he gets! It is God's gift to him and you. I also, would draw the line at roaches--you are not alone on that one! But you are quite a Mom to take the time and effort to meet your son's needs. God will reward you for your willingness! Lots of Love and Prayers!