Sunday, June 14, 2009

Must Blog

Haven't been feeling all that bloggy lately, as you can probably tell. My apologies for the lack of posts.

This evening, however, I just HAVE to record the statements made by two of my three darling offspring.

Background: Due to a game where players are asked to write possible answers on pieces of paper gone wrong, Vik has forever earned the nickname, "Vik-Poke."

This evening as I am rocking Anna to sleep:

Anna: Mommy, why does Rachael call Vik-Poke Vik?

As Jesse is putting the boys to bed:

Isaac: Daddy, which president is on the nickle?

Jesse: Alexander Hamilton is on the nickle Isaac, but he was not a president, he was the first secretary of the treasury.

Isaac: Oh! I know what the treasury does! They search for stolen money and jewels!

Love to all!


Jesse said...

Just to clarify - I THOUGHT it was Alexander Hamilton. However, I was mistaken: it is Thomas Jefferson who appears on the nickel; Hamilton's mug graces the ten dollar bill...

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