Sunday, August 3, 2008

Love In The Time of Potty Training

I know I gripe and complain about every milestone my darling Anna achieves; Saddened to have to admit she is growing up. However, I have to admit that I feel NONE of that desperate need to cling to her baby months when it comes to potty training. I will wave bye bye to the "joy" of diapers and wipes with the same abandon with which I greeted the end of my last pregnancy. I hate being pregnant and I H.A.T.E changing poopy diapers.

Not that we are anywhere near the end of the process. Quite the opposite in fact, we have just begun. We are taking a slow and steady wins the race approach as our lives remain a bit summery, meaning lots of travel and activities, to ban the diapers all together.

Anna is quite patient with the whole process considering that her so called mother has virtually NO memory of how we achieved this milestone with the boys. In consultation with our resident expert, the great Etu, we have settled on a process that we hope will be relaxing enough for all involved yet eventually achieve the desired result.

In order to save Anna any future embarrassment regarding the publishing of her daily frequency to the very public Internet, I will provide very few details other than to tell you that today was a pretty good day, considering that it was day 1 of serious effort in this battle. Onward to day 2!

Below you will find an amusing picture of the Day 1 Potty Training aftermath in our guest bathroom.

Below that you will find photographic evidence of the annual extended family summer water balloon fight. An event greatly enjoyed by all who participate, this year's battle was particularly meaningful as it was staged to both entertain and celebrate the continuing recovery of our beloved BaBa from his recent surgery. Rock on BaBa! We hope you had fun!
Next weekend: Camping with all three kids. the horror

Love to all!

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