Friday, July 25, 2008

Highly Recommended

If you are in need of a vacation destination, 4/5 of the S Family strongly recommends the San Luis Valley . We are home and we had an absolutely wonderful time. As you can see, my friend Wendy's home is lovely, this picture does not do it justice, as are the 8 acres surrounding it. Many additional pictures below but allow me to first share with you some highlights of the trip.

The boys were utterly blown away by the wide open space and their ability to walk out any door without asking permission or being told to watch for cars. Shortly after we arrived I told them to go out and play. They went outside, came back in, went out again, came back in again and with very puzzled expressions inquired as to the location of the backyard. We all laughed and told them outside was all backyard and they were more than free to explore. I did not see them again for 3 hours. When they returned they were as filthy and as happy as I have ever seen them.

Later that evening Wendy's husband Tom built the kids a huge bonfire. Supervised by Wendy's college aged sons, the kids roasted hotdogs and marshmellows over the fire while Wendy, my friend Danille, who also brought her 3 and 5 year old kids, and I chatted in the house. Later that evening the door opened quietly, Nathan slipped up beside Wendy, wrapped his arms around her, gave her his best puppy dog eyes and in his sweetest voice asked, "Ms. Wendy, where do you keep the gasoline?"

On our final evening the boys, assisted again by Wendy's sons, went fishing, caught 4 trout, cleaned and roasted them for their dinner. Isaac loves fish but he hesitated after observing the removal of the bones. Isaac's fish usually arrives deboned, plated and garnished with parsley and lemon. I removed all trace of skin, fins, etc and convinced him to taste it. Poised next to an open trash can, with a cup of water in his hand he timidly placed a small bite in his mouth. After a moment of thoughtful chewing his eyes opened wide and he said in amazement, "This is good! would be better with ketchup."

The view.

Morning girls!

Throwing rocks in the Rio Grande.

Sand Dunes

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Mary said...

That looks like the most fun EVER. Sounds like it was worth the eight hour round trip and non-stop children 24 hours a day!

I am very proud of Isaac and his fish--but I will still not get him a pocketknife. (James wanted to, but I told him no because Isaac would want to play that "oof" game with it. :) )