Sunday, July 13, 2008

Road Trip!

Hello all! After a lovely July 4th celebration the S Family hit the road and spent a week exploring more of our states natural beauty. Loads of pictures below. Most of them are self explanatory so I will keep the comments to a minimum.

Please do note the following: Anna's 4th of July outfit and bows are courtesy of Nana's Boutique. Anna was LIVID with Rachael and Esther or taking her on that elephant. It was snowing on the top of Pike's Peak. The boys were terribly impressed with snow in July.

Back to work tomorrow. Well...Jesse is going back to work. The kids and I have a week of swimming lessons and baseball games before we hit the road for another trip.

Just my boys, Anna and I. Alone. On a road trip. Just the 4 of us. Alone.

If you are so inclined, you might say a prayer for us. We are looking forward to our trip, but I will admit to having a few nerves regarding the 10 hour round trip.

Love to all!

Princess Persnikety

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