Saturday, July 19, 2008

Take me Out to the Ball Game

Friday evening the boys attended their first major league baseball game and a roaring good time was had by all. everyone except Esther who generously volunteered to take care of Anna so Jesse and I could attend with the boys. Anna was less than cooperative regarding bed time. Our sincere apologies Etu.

Anyhoo, we had a blast at the game despite a rainy start. The game opened with a parade of many, many little league teams. The boys were excited about the opportunity to see the actual field, though I personally think the team dads were even more enamored with the privilege. They tried to keep themselves in check, but the huge grins gave them away.

Pictures below. I am bummed that the speed of my camera did not allow me to get a clearer picture of Isaac on the field. Perhaps it is time to upgrade...hint hint. I am also bummed that some curly haired blond lady's head is in the middle of one of my pictures, but oh well.

Additional notes from recent days:

Whilst singing along with a particularly groovy CAKE tune, I quipped, "You go Anna!" Anna responded by looking directly at me and stating firmly, "I NOT go mamma!"

Whist attending a showing of WALL-E, Nathan noted the image below, turned to Jesse and loudly inquired, "Daddy, is that a boob cover?"

My boys, I assume typically, like to house various creepy crawlies in their numerous bug houses. Currently we have several spiders in residence. One recent evening, Esther and Jesse caught a smaller spider and decided a rousing backyard spider brawl was in order. They won't let me post the first picture I snapped while sneaking up behind them, but they did agree to allow photographic evidence of their very worthwhile activities when taken from an alternative angle.

I will not be crowned mother of the year anytime soon as, exhausted from a night of making tortillas for Esther and Jesse while simultaneously being subjected to a viewing of the WORST movie ever made, I pulled Anna into bed with me the following morning in the hopes of catching another few minutes of sleep. Apparently I slept a little too deeply because at some point she crawled out of bed, obtained a bottle of Children's Ibuprofen, sweetly asked her big brother to help her get the top off and then consumed an unknown amount. She is ok but her digestive system is paying for this indiscretion in a bad way. I had to leave a restaurant and run into a department store to buy her a new outfit after a particularly nasty diaper failure this afternoon. Ah yes and she also found a pair of the boys' art project scissors and cut her own hair.


Love to all! The kids and I head out for another road trip on Tuesday morning. I should have some fun pictures to share next week!

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Anonymous said...

If this is the big camera, the problem isn't speed, it's your lens. You need a telephoto lens for this sort of thing - coupled with setting the virtual iso setting higher (you probably have it set to 200 or 400, and setting it to 800 or 1600 coupled with a long range lens would let you take this sort of picture more effectively).