Thursday, January 8, 2009

You're Making me Feel Bad!

This is Anna's newest and favorite phrase. She uses it whenever life is just not going her way. Sad to say, as the S house resident 2 year old, life frequently doesn't go her way.

And I have to sheepishly admit, it pretty much works like a charm.

Those big brown eyes and that little girl's voice render the most firm of parent ultimatums completely irrelevant.

Today she took it one step further. When Anna's utterly neglectful mother informed her that she would not be able to play as a result of the physical science unit she was desperately trying to write, Anna's shoulders slumped, her face fell and her arms swung listlessly at her sides. After a moment or two, she sighed deeply, slumped to the floor and sorrowfully informed her neglectful mother that, "I look sad mama."

Being the oh-so-resourceful mother I am, I promptly put her on the phone with her Nana who promptly put her on speaker phone for the benefit of her co-workers. Anna happily announced that her name is Anna-Banana and sang a cheerful rendition of Baby Beluga, Choose Jesus and Jingle Bells, Batman Smells. She then informed Nana that she felt much better.

Thank God for Nana and her co-workers! That physical science unit is written and posted and let me tell you it's gold! Bring on those standardized tests!

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Mary said...

That's hilarious. Sam tells me "I'm sad when you go away." HEARTBREAKING!