Thursday, April 2, 2009

Do you love it?

Anna has a new protest mantra.

Me: Anna, let's go potty.

Anna: I don't yuv going potty!

Me: Anna, let's get ready for bed.

Anna: I don't yuv going to bed!

Me: Anna, I am going to put your polk-a-dot jammies on you tonight.

Anna: I don't yuv my polk-a-gots jammies!

Me: Anna, please go and play with your toys.

Anna: I don't yuv my toys!

You get the general idea.

Nathan has also developed a rather interesting protest strategy.

Nathan: Daddy, can I play the Wii?

Daddy: No Nathan, it's not video game day today.

Nathan: But daddy I can't live if I can't play Wii!

Nathan: Mommy, can I have a muffin?

Mommy: No Nathan, we just had dinner.

Nathan: But mommy, I can't live if I don't have a muffin!

Cue Air Supply ballad: I can't liiiiiiiiiiiiive if livin is without you! I can't giiiiiiiiiiiive, I can't give anymore!

It's so beautiful man!

Love to all!

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Mary said...

Have they started denying love to relatives if they don't get what they want???