Tuesday, March 31, 2009


For the past three years, upon meeting me and learning the ages and genders of my children, I have always been able to depend upon someone to comment on how it's such a good thing I had my boys first because boys are SO much trouble in the early years and so much easier in the teen years. While I don't pretend to understand WHY it is preferable to have trouble children in the early years vs the teen years, I guess I have sort of started to buy into the idea that young girls are easy while young boys are difficult.

And if you believe that I have some ocean front property I want to sell you!

My dear sweet darling Anna has embarked on a mission to drive me absolutely insane. By 11 am this morning she ripped up our favorite book, "What's Wrong Little Pookie?", soiled the carpet in her room because she has decided that she is a baby and NOT a big girl, and locked me out of my bedroom. In answer to my questions about why on earth she would DO such things, she stated firmly, "Because I'm Anna!"

By 1 pm she thrice looked me straight in the eye whilst defiantly doing exactly what I was telling her not to do which included tracking mud all over the hardwood floors and letting the cat outside.

At 2 pm I informed her that it was rest time and barricaded her in her room with a sippy cup, an apple, some music and her toys, in an effort to give myself a chance clean up all of the messes she had made and accomplish SOMETHING other than Anna patrol. She has decided that she no longer takes naps and has stuck to her policy quite impressively. I have been insisting on some rest time each day, but lately she has done more wondering than resting. The barricade proved effective. While she did absolutely trash her room, she played quietly for about an hour and a half.

And then I let her out of her room. Around 4 pm she cut a favorite Scooby Doo book to ribbons with a pair scissors I thought were well out of her reach.

The late afternoon consisted of a repetitive pattern of Anna breaking rules and receiving consequences for her actions. She capped off her evening by locking us out of our room AGAIN, and spreading lotion all over our bedroom carpet. At that point I just started laughing because it was either that or cry.

So what's the deal here people??? What happened to girls being easier in the early years??? The boys NEVER gave me this much trouble!

I feel like I have lived 3 full weeks since I got up this morning. Dear Lord, what will tomorrow bring?


Alicia said...

awwww, poor you. I know how you feel. My 2 year old is getting that way now too.

Though our solution to doors being locked on us are to put hooks at the top of my reach on the door frame in which to put the key on. And to have door knobs that you can use anything sturdy to unlock it with. We have 2 doors that lock with a key (our room and the laundry room), two doors that open with anything sturdy (sam's room and the guest bedroom), one door that has had the old fashioned skeleton key lock glued shut because we don't have a key for it. All other doors in the house either don't lock or we don't have doors on them. Kathleen's room being one with no door but I think she likes it that way for now.

We thought about doors when we redid the house and I had every single key in place so I could get to it. Yet my child locked her self in my bathroom and the key wouldn't work. I paniced!

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