Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taekwondo Tournament

The kids competed in their first Taekwondo tournament today.

On a scale of parental nail-biting, this activity ranks about a 10.9.

Swimming is pretty low on the scale, maybe a 4.

T-ball's also fairly low, a 4 or 5 max.

It was tough watching Isaac play football; knowing how competitive all the dads were and watching the coaches encourage the kind of rough housing that I have spent 7 years discouraging. I'd give football a 9.

To this point, I have loved Taekwondo because it is an individual sport and there is really nothing the boys are asked to do that they are afraid of. Swimming became more stressful when they finished all of the beginner lessons and had to start jumping into the deep end. But thus far TKD has yielded no such stressor.

Until today.

The boys competed like absolute champs. Isaac had the usual Isaac-butterflies prior to the start of competition, but he came through in fine form. Nathan loved every second of it from start to finish.

Anna refused to be put down at all, which was pretty funny. Two might be just a tad young for tournament competition, I daresay. She did end up with a participation ribbon and could not be happier.

I, however, will probably require 13 or 14 hours of sleep to recover from the post adrenaline crash after watching my boys compete as individuals, knowing that they might not both win and knowing how they might react if one won and the other did not.

I absolutely realize that lessons of winning and loosing are necessary, a part of growing up and build character in the end. But you have to cut me just a little slack this first time around. I think this was one of those mom moments you just don't anticipate for what it is actually going to be.

Nathan almost immediately took first place in the forms competition. WAY TO GO NATE! We are SO proud of you!

Watching the judges place that medal around Nathan's neck lit a fire under Isaac, who instantly forgot his butterflies and started practicing his moves. He took third in the forms competition. GREAT JOB IKE! We are so proud of you!

Nate held his own during the sparring competition and came away with second.

Sparring got a little dicey for Isaac as he competed against a kid who, while equal in age and weight, clearly had significantly more experience than Isaac did. Isaac took a kick to the head, ended up on the floor and well...that was the end of that fight. He did regroup, bow out of the fight and come away with second place. We are VERY proud of him for holding it together and ending his tournament with his head held high.

I am extremely proud of both of them for overcoming their nerves and trying something new. I am proud of Isaac for not flipping out over the fact that Nathan now boasts a trophy that is almost taller than he is. And I am particularly proud of Nathan for stating almost immediately that he wanted to share his trophy with Isaac.

SIGH They are amazing kids. It was a nail-biter all right, but it was also an incredibly positive experience for all of us.

Love to all!

PS I am REALLY peeved with my camera as nearly half of the pictures we took are mysteriously absent from my memory card. It wasn't the best picture taking opportunity in the first place, but I was hoping to piece together some good shots by the sheer volume of pictures I took. The pics below will have to do. I am bummed that all my shots of Isaac being awarded his medals are gone.

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