Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I received a rather firm scolding for not updating the blog recently. Uh...sorry.

I missed an update on Jesse's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!

BUT, I will now post an EARLY B-Day wish to Esther. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESTHER!

So that pretty much evens out to being on time with both, right?

We have been toying with a Spring Break trip to Legoland in San Diego. Isaac LOVES legos. I mean LOVES them. His rather indulgent parents have even gone so far as to purchase him some hard to find sets off of e-bay. He builds with his legos, he plays with his legos, he talks about his legos, he draws pictures of his legs...the list goes on and on. We visited Legoland many years ago when he was 2 or 3, but we really want to take him now, while legos are his favorite thing.

We are not sure this trip will work out this year so we began searching for alternatives. We discovered a lego outlet store in a nearby outlet mall. What could be better??? Legos? Outlet mall? We are SO there!They currently have a life size lego built Spongebob on display! SCORE! We are also going to have lunch at this GOD AWFUL pseudo-Mexican restaurant that every person in this city LOVED as a a kid but as an adult quickly realized is disgusting and overpriced. The kids love it, we hate it, what are ya gonna do?

This evening, in an effort to inspire angelic behavior for the remainder of the week, we decided to tease the boys with their upcoming weekend activity but not actually reveal any details. Of course they became terribly excited and began listing places we might be visiting.

Nathan: A move?
Isaac: The zoo?
Nathan: The museum?
Isaac: Monkey Business?
Nathan: Funtastic Fun?
Isaac: The bug zoo?
Nathan: A wine tasting?

Does anyone out there have ANY idea WHERE this child might have learned about such a thing? Jesse occasionally drinks wine in restaurants, but the boys never accompany us to restaurants where we would order wine. I don't like wine AT ALL. (Give me a good fruity martini any day.) We have several bottles of wine on display in our dining room, but that is about the extent of his exposure to wine.

Anyone? That boy never fails to evoke side splitting laughter from everyone in the room.

Anna gave him a run for his money later in the evening while we were introducing the boys to their cups for their new Taekwondo class. No not the drinking kind, the other kind. With me?

We helped the boys strip down and figure out the apparatus whilst calming the VERY anxious Isaac who was not at ALL pleased with this turn of events.

Neither of us paid much attention to Anna until she walked up to us, stark naked from the waste down, and demanded HER cup. Using all the appropriate terminology I calmly and rationally explained that little girls don't need to wear a cup.

She was not impressed.

She gave me that Anna look and firmly stated that, "I have a very little pee so I need a little girl cup too!"

What else could I do? I folded up some paper towels and allowed her to stuff them in her undies. Problem solved.

What sort of mothering award does this earn me?

Love to all!

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Mary said...

Sam is constantly telling me "I can't find Isaac and Nathan. I think they're at Monkey Business." (He's never been to Casa Bonita, maybe I should fly him out to you!)

At least Nathan isn't trying to send X-rated cards to people!