Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V Day!

Update: 5/15/09

I was all set to post pictures of Anna's questionable outfit choice for the day, only to discover that my card reader is busted!! TRAGIC! So instead I am linking you to a video of Anna's outfit choice from Valentine's Day 2009. Turn the blog music off using the controls on the left before viewing the video.



M3 said...

OMGosh, are those yellow flippers AND orange pom poms? Too cute!!! Our girls would LOVE to have some of those.


DawnS said...

Bwaaaaahahahaha! That is priceless! Loving the flippers and the cat just waiting to pounce hilarious!!!! It looks like you cut off the video just before she bopped the kitty on the head?!?! hahahahaha soooo funny!