Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

*Updated: Ok, not particularly wordless anymore. Several of you have asked so I thought I would just answer all at once. Yes, Anna takes Taekwondo. We signed the boys up last fall and discovered that a parent/tot class meets at the same time. She loves it most days. She has earned her first sticker in the class, though I have NO idea what the significance of those stickers might be. She seriously learned to count to 10 in Korean before she learned to count to ten in English! She's turning out to be quite a butt kicking two year old, though it is usually her brothers' butts she is kicking.

The boys are actually testing for their second stripe on their white belts tomorrow (Sat) morning at (urk) 8:15 am. Wish them luck!


Anonymous said...

That is THE cutest video I have ever seen!

Kate said...

Well, you certainly won't have to worry about Anna being harassed by the boys at school!