Monday, February 9, 2009

You Can't Go Back Again

In a few short hours I will leave my cave, I mean house, and travel to a hotel where I will spend the night in anticipation of an all day and utterly pointless meeting associated with my full time income. One does tend to feel a tad isolated when one works at home and therefore one usually does look forward to actual, professional get togethers during which one can take a shower in the morning, do one's hair, put on makeup and real clothes and mingle with all the normals.

But not this time.

I am DREADING this meeting as I am fairly certain it will be a complete and utter waste of my time.

That and I HATE hotels. I have recently become a total hotel-phobe. My suitcase is well packed with anti-bacterial wipes and I have my own pillows and blanket ready to go.

If I come home with bed bugs I will be burning down this house and moving into yours.


Because I will be transporting a few non-mom colleagues as part of this trip, this morning I attempted to de-mom my car.

It didn't work.

After 2 hours of unloading, sorting, putting away, throwing away, vacuuming, cleaning, etc I gave up. I am filthy and will have to shower AGAIN before I can leave.

Let this be a lesson to us all. Once your car is MOMed you cannot unMOM it. So don't even bother trying.

Love to all! May all your hotel rooms be clean and may your Tuesday be much more productive than mine.

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