Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Girl Pictures

Anna had a lovely birthday and we have the pictures to prove it! We met daddy for a very late breakfast, went to the zoo, took a nap and then went out to dinner with extended family. What could be better? I have assembled a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. Anna is wearing another creation from Nana's Boutique. Mom, I have to tell you, this is BY FAR my absolute favorite dress you have ever made. I love, love, LOVE it! Anna loves it too. The twirl factor is through the roof!

The dress was washed and dried during nap time so that she could wear it do dinner even after her birthday trip to the zoo birthday ice cream.

Note the birthday giraffe, also acquired during the birthday trip to the zoo.

The boys used their Easy Bake Oven to make her the DARLING Scooby Doo cake you see in one of the pictures.

We took her to the grocery store to pick out a little cake for her dinner party tonight. Thinking we know our little princess well, we directed her to cakes decorated with lacy patterns, pink frosting etc. Our little princess dismissed all of these options in favor of, "Da monter tate!" Translation: The monster cake! I did not get a very good picture of it, but you get the idea. That's our princess!

Apologies for the stream of pictures without captions.

Love to all!


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Teacher Mary said...

The Nana dress is truly awesome! I love the color combinations! The picture of her holding the hem of the dress up at an angle is a really great shot! I love the giraffe. I am glad that you all had such a great birth day!