Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan!

April is a big month for birthdays in the S house. Today my sweet little Nathan turns 5. I get all choked up just thinking about it. Our Nathan started life as a premature, very sick little guy. He spent a few weeks on a ventilator in the NICU before coming home.

When I look at him now, it is tough to connect the memories of that fragile little baby with the live on the edge, no fear, if it can be climbed it will nay MUST be climbed little boy he has grown into.

Nathan is our joy. He is our carefree, athletic, easy going, light up the world with his sunshine smile spirit.

Happy birthday sweet boy! I promise I will try to remember that you don't want to be called baby, but I hope it's ok if I still think of you that way.

I can't believe you are five years old.


Mary said...

Happy birthday Naneers! Sam was going to call you, but we got distracted--sorry!

Cheri, what on earth are you doing blogging at one am? Seriously.

Cherith said...

Esther scolded me for lack of blogging.


Teacher Mary said...

You can tell he is all boy! What fun to have two boys and then a girl! Birthdays are such fun! I always loved them as a kid. My Mom always made us the dinner we wanted and whatever dessert we wanted on our special day. What a treat!