Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This evening we engaged in a rather frank discussion with our beloved boys regarding family unity, life choices and the resulting consequences.

It was one of those parenting moments you wish you did not have to experience but at the same time a moment that was warranted.

The boys went to bed subdued yet thoughtful.

Jesse and I felt rather good about our discussion.

That is until I put Anna to bed. Anna and I have a nightly routine of cuddling in her rocking chair before she moves to her crib. Every night as I move her to her bed she reminds me not to mess up her blanky. She is VERY particular about the arrangement of her beloved blanky. It must cover her toes JUST SO or she insists that it be removed and rearranged.

And usually this little quirk is a-ok with me. I enjoy her little personality immensely.

Tonight, however, instead of gently reminding me not to mess up her blanky she furrowed her brow, shook her finger and me and stated firmly, "I yam sick and tioued of you messing up my bwanky mommmy."

We might have succeeded in curbing the boys' behavior but we have, apparently, simultaneously created a monster in our little Anna.


Because I can't POSSIBLY leave a post that is about nothing other than my children's' questionable behavior, I have included a few pictures from our recent trip to our favorite local pumpkin patch. This is actually a farmer's market/nursery but they have such awesome, fun, FREE activities every fall. Unfortunately my camera batteries died long before we wrapped up our visit but I was able to take a few cute pictures first.

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