Friday, May 1, 2009




In deference to Anna's fierce three year old desire to control everything about her life, I have agreed to allow her the privilege of picking out her own clothes every Friday. It's actually turned out to be kind of fun and it makes for GREAT pictures.

I was VERY doubtful about today's choices until I viewed the final ensemble. I actually think it sort of works...maybe.

I am not all that fond of this Old Navy dress, but she managed to dress it up so that I don't hate it. I do think she is going to freeze in this darling little yellow rain jacket, it is COLD today, but it was her choice so oh well.

Those blue boots are a size too big and are SUPPOSED to be on the, "save for next season" shelf. Hmmmm...

This morning Anna also informed me that she would NOT be washing her hair as it is HER day to pick out her clothes. She wanted one ponytail, NOT two. The result is a somewhat poofy effect since her hair was braided yesterday. Does allowing her to pick our her own clothes also extend to personal hygiene?????

Anyhow, happy Fri! Enjoy the pics!


Wanda said...

Not bad at all for a 3 year old. My 6 year old did the same thing. Wore a dress and called it a top with some leggings.

Your daughter is a real cutie. Beautiful smile.


M3 said...

Cute!! She totally pulled that look all together. Fun.

6DaysWeek said...

She looks sweet and very pleased with her choice. That's worth something, right?!


Ruth said...

Cute - she did do a good job of putting it all together - I love her smile!

Buckeroomama said...

She picks her clothes, she makes the rules. They love to assert their will at this age. :)

Alicia said...

my child goes through stages during a day. Mommy I need help. No I do it by myself. Thankfully we don't have dressing issues lol, she's either running around in panties or a shirt/dress.

Your Anna is a cutie and everyone is right she did a good job for 3.