Monday, May 18, 2009

When do they hand out the cards?

I should be a CARD CARRYING GENIUS, let me tell you. Today, in a rush to get out of the house, I quickly popped the top off the cat box and gave it a quick cleaning. I put the top back on and hurried out the door to meet a friend for lunch.

We arrived back home to the foul and alarming scent of kitty poo and discovered that one of our beloved felines had soiled the family room area rug.


Let me just say, I LOVE our cats. They have been wonderful pets since the day we brought them home. However, I LOATHE kitty excrement where it does not belong. Few things turn my stomach and get my blood pressure racing like cleaning up after cats who go potty where cats should not.

I cleaned up the poo and searched the house for other spots but did find any. Thank God.

Relieved, I went downstairs to make sure the door to the bathroom was open as, really, our cats are not in the habit of relieving themselves anywhere other than their litter box. As I entered the bathroom I discovered a tell tail yellow spot in the middle of the bath mat. At this point my thoughts shifted from wondering about the cats' behavioral issues to wondering if there might be a medical issue as typically well trained cats really don't piddle right in front of their litter box without a pretty good reason.

I wondered, that is, until I checked the litter box and discovered that in my haste to get out the door this morning I put the lid on backwards with the opening snug against the wall. Poor cats. They never had a chance.

Sooo....the next time they hand out genius cards, please shoot me an e-mail because I will be FIRST in line.

In order to make this post about something other than kitty poo, I have included some pictures of the kids and their summer time fun. Today is technically the first non-weekend, non-school day and summer is already in full swing at the S house.

If you are a relative of mine, does this picture remind you of anyone?

The ice cream cup cakes we ordered from Cold Stone for Nate and Anna's cancelled birthday party have been in the deep freeze ever since. Last night we decided it was time to crack those puppies open and let the kids at them. Frankly, after watching the kids work at them last night, I am GLAD we did not serve them at that party! WHAT A MESS!

And finally, Anna, Daisy and the Wonder Pets curled up for a mid-day summer siesta.

Love to all!

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