Thursday, March 13, 2008

Field Trip!

An important part of schooling at home is taking the occasional day off from written work in favor of leaving the house to actually experience the things you are learning about.

Isaac's kindergarten science lessons have recently revolved around an insect theme.

To that end, we loaded up the car and headed for our local arachnid and arthropod appreciation organization. Or as we affectionately call it, "The Bug Zoo." Yes we have an actual membership, very necessary when you one is raising little boys.

After the zoo we came home and the boys played hockey with daddy and a neighbor for a good hour or two.

In case you are already thinking it, we now appreciate that this might NOT have been the best way to encourage healing in Nathan's knee. After Isaac accidentally planted his hockey stick firmly on Nathan's injured leg we put a stop to the game and set Nathan up with pillows, ice, meds and dinner on a TV tray. Poor guy is REALLY in pain this evening. Tomorrow I will be letting go of all my typical parentisms and parking him in front of the TV and/or computer with whatever I can give him to keep him off his feet. Isaac has already expressed outrage at this plan so I would appreciate prayers, positive thoughts and wishes for peace in the S house.

Pictures below. Love to all!


Mary said...

Poor Nathan! I will put Sam on a plane to entertain Isaac, and then I will take a nap. ;)

We really miss you guys--can't wait to see you in April! Tell Anna to quit freaking growing!!!!

Teacher Mary said...

Anna looks adorable on her scooter!
The boys and Dad look like they are having a great time playing street hockey! The bug zoo sounds great & only boys could have a tarantula (I think that is what that big fuzzy thing is) in their palm?)! I like to just LOOK at them--no touching, thank you. Did Anna get brave? Take care & I hope Nathan's knee heels up very quickly!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

NO WAY!!!!!!! I could not have that spider on my hand... I would never hurt it but not a hairy thing like that... errrrr... I am afraid I would turn into a sissy girl...