Sunday, March 2, 2008


Most of you are aware, or at least those of you who know us in person, that Jesse and I have a very strong, happy marriage.

Truly, we balance each other perfectly in so many ways I am not even going to get into it.


As time goes by and as I am sure is the case in all marriages, we discover certain quirks, little idiosyncrasies if you will, that make life all the more interesting and engaging.

Jesse and I tend towards somewhat opinionated personalities and neither of us is particularly inclined to change those opinions unless presented with a rock solid argument as to why we should. And even in the face of such an argument ONE of us often still refuses to change, alter, tweak or adjust our stance.

To that end, for the sake of our beloved readers and to simply record this ever growing list in a place where I cannot loose it, I present the following list of topics that are currently forbidden conversation topics in the S house.

Illegal Immigration
Birth Control in Public Schools
Hunting: Sport vs a Needless Excuse to Shoot Things
Is the advertising for Smart Balance margarine deceptive?
The Human Body: Designed to digest petroleum products or not?
Spider Man Movies: Too violent for 6 year olds?
Do Scooby Doo cartoons have no redeeming value AND teach bad grammar?
Are video games a contributing factor to the breakdown of the family unit in the United States or harmless entertainment?
Should finding a bug in one's food exclude that restaurant and all associated franchises from our patronage for the rest of our lives?

Love to all! I have to get back to work now.

PS In case you are worried we also agree on MANY things. For example: Alton Brown ROCKS!


Mary said...

Here's a topic forbidden in the West household: Is Diet Coke really better than Diet Pepsi?

Cherith said...

You know actually that one also applies to the S house, although really there IS no debate there as everyone knows that diet pepsi is VASTLY superior to diet coke.


Rachael said...

I found a bug in my conditioner, what is your stance on that?

Cherith said...

That's gross! You should throw the conditioner away and then send hate mail to the manufacturer. Or you can give it to the boys, they like bugs.

Jesse said...

Honey, I completely disagree with you about the topics on this post. Is that a forbidden topic too?

Rachael - the bug proteins add extra shine to your hair. Just go with it...

Mary, that's easy - diet coke with lime is better!

Esther said...

You forgot Chipotle vs. Q-Doba and Jelly purses.

EWWWWWWWWW! A bug in the bottle? Gross! We better shave your head like Britney. I vote for whichever cola is on sale. :)

Buzz2of11 said...

My husband & I have somewhat the same dilemma--both of us have strong opinions. A lot of the time we just agree to disagree. However,
that tact does not always work! By the way--DIET COKE IS VASTLY SUPERIOR TO DIET PEPSI! As far as a bug in the conditioner take it back & get a refund pronto!