Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Injury

Well not REALLY a first injury, there were those stitches last summer, but the first limb related injury that has required medical attention.

We are discussing Nathan of course.

My little athlete went ripping outside the split second the temperature rose above 40degrees and stayed there for 4 straight days. We convinced him to sleep in the house but that is pretty much it. My boys LOVE to play outside.

Nathan has apparently sprained his knee. It is quite swollen and bruised. It looks fairly gruesome but he insists, "it does not hurt too bad, I can still play mommy."

I heart that boy!

The doctor opted not to immobilize it. He said it is REALLY hard for a young boy to have an immobilized leg and that it will often make the joint stiff. He DID, however, tell us to check frequently with Nathan as to whether or not his knee hurts because, "Little kids will usually ignore pain so that they can keep having fun." Well that pretty much describes Nathan. Even when he WILL admit to pain he won't give up and sit down. The doctor said to keep him off it when the swelling is bad or when he says it hurts.! Rare is the day when we can convince Nathan to sit still long enough to eat an actual meal vs a quick snack.

I say again HELP!

PS We had the dog neutered and I also have a piece of paper that says to keep HIM from too much activity for 1 to 2 weeks. HELP!

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Teacher Mary said...

I have a friend with 3 boys (ages 6,4 & 2) & they are so active it is unbelievable. I cannot imagine trying to keep an active boy from not playing--you better pray a lot!