Saturday, November 15, 2008

Boots, Daisey and $$$


Many of you are already aware of Boots' late night ER trip from a few weeks ago.

This weekend Daisey had her turn!

Apparently during one of their many sibling hair pulling fights Boots managed to scratch Daisey in the neck. It must have been a pretty minor scratch as neither we nor the vet can find any evidence of such a scratch. However, there MUST have been one at some time. According to the vet, their baby skin heals super fast and traps any potential infection inside. In Daisey's case, this infection went to town and resulted in an enormous abscess jutting from the side of her neck.


We nicknamed her goiter and scheduled an appointment with the vet. She had to go under anesthesia and now sports the OH SO FABULOUS yet not quite Elizabethan collar you see in the picture below. They don't actually make collars small enough for our not quite 2 pound Daisey so the vet fashioned one out of a small Styrofoam coffee cup.

Poor Daisey!

She is also on a two week round of antibiotics.

They are sweet, darling little kittens but they sure are getting pricey! Fortunately the vet is cutting us a nice deal on all of their immunizations and so forth.

So now, among other things, I spend my days teaching both my bio children and my fur children the art of sibling relations.

Oh the joys of motherhood! Daisy is permitted contact with her brother only under close super vision until her wound heals. We have the joyous task of cleaning it and making sure it is open and draining several times a day.

Again I say, EW.

Don't laugh at her picture, she's very sensitive about her appearance right now.

Come on lady! This is humiliating!

File em down good mom!

Whatcha doin dad???



Jesse said...

A whole new meaning to the phrase
"pus-ee cat"! Always in a mood for a good cat fight! MEOW!!

Mary said...

Poor Daisy! It reminds me of when Gracie had to have an ace bandage around her neck.

I will come clean the wound for you, 'cause I am an nursing student! I bet I can get college credit for that! :)