Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, I am a tad late I know. The S family has been enjoying a lovely week of fun and freedom. Freedom from work, that is.

We celebrated a lovely Thanksgiving at Aunt Ray Ray's house. Etu, Ray Ray and I decided to brave the 11 pm opening of the local outlet mall later that night. It was crowded but fun; we shopped until 2 am and then flopped all over Ray Ray's house for the night. As you can see from the pic below, Anna was VERY pleased with her not quite Black Friday haul.

We've spent the remainder of our weekend recuperating, decorating, shopping and romping in the pitiful 2-ish inches of snow that fell last night. November is SUPPOSED to be our snowiest month! The weather this month has been pathetic, just pathetic.

The kids' tree is up and it looks fabulous. MY tree will hopefully go up tomorrow and I am also planning to shimmy up the tree in the front yard, snow or no snow, and wrap it from top to bottom in shiny white lights. I can't wait!

The S family adores this time of year.

I posted a slide show of kids' tree decorating and the family snowball fight using what little snow DID fall below. But first, a picture of the cats that just tickled me to pieces. They are watching our neighbors play hockey in the street.

Love to all!

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