Saturday, November 22, 2008


Some of you may not be aware of my childhood family nickname, Cheri (cherry). I tend to go by Cherith these days, but the fam still calls me Cheri. Honestly, if one of them ever ever dared call me Cherith I probably wouldn't have a clue who they were talking to. Conversely, if Jesse called me Cheri I would probably have some sort of mental breakdown.

All of the above is nearly irrelevant to the actual point of this post. But I don't feel good and don't have anything else to do right now.

Esther joined us for a viewing of Wall-E yesterday. The bot you see here is the movie's resident cleaning bot. He follows the characters around beeping, "foreign contaminant" and frantically scrubbing them down whenever he senses uncleanliness.

Shortly after his first appearance on the screen Esther choked hysterically on whatever it was she was eating at the time and announced, "Look! A Cheri-Bot!"

Because I am a kind hearted soul I am NOT going to reciprocate this ribbing by telling you how many boxes of a hard-to-find Kashi cereal she bought at the store yesterday after shrieking in glee when she spotted it on the grocery store shelf.

Which reminds me, she left one box HERE. I believe this is what we call leverage.

PS Isaac and Nathan found and caught a black widow in the garage. Isaac is ECSTATIC. Apparently the cute little fuzzy kittens were not enough to help him get over the loss of his previous black widow.

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Esther said...

The little Cheri bot would get hysterical when it found more dirt! It was awesome! The cereal has been gone for months, I consider my purchase to be one of the wisest I have made recently.